Tehran season 2, episode 1 recap – the premiere explained

May 6, 2022
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An excellent return from Tehran that is possibly better than all of the first season. With thrills, shocking deaths, and new alliances, this episode wouldn’t be out of place with the best episodes from 24.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Tehran, season 2, episode 1, “13,000,” contains spoilers.

Tehran season 2, episode 1 recap

In Evin Prison in Tehran, a man, the Israeli pilot, awakes from a prison bed. He reads a note that says 13,000 with a pill hidden inside. Having not gone outside for days, Tamar sneaks out for food. Her boyfriend, Milad, is unhappy with her actions and reminds her of the risks. Though they plan to go to Vancouver soon, she still feels trapped. As she learns that her aunt and uncle will soon be pardoned, men watch Milad. The prisoner counts to 3628 and Yulia tells Tamar that she will be extracted, but only if the mission is successful. 

As General Qasem drives off, with heavy guards present, his son just misses him. Meanwhile, Alo continues to work under the radar for Faraz. In Mossad HQ in Israel, they watch news footage of General Qasem. But Tamar hasn’t shut down the power yet. As the prison counts down to 13,000, he swallows the pill. The power then goes out. As a result, he gets rushed to the hospital, much to Yulia’s delight. And as according to the plan, the prisoner gets taken to Ayandagen Hospital. Plan worked! And at the hospital, a team prepares themselves to take the prisoner.

Milad continues to deal drugs, although not many customers are happy with his supply. Therefore, he receives less income. As Ali learns that the prisoner is the Israeli pilot and heading to Ayandagen prison, he and Farad soon realize that it’s “them” behind it. But it’s too late as even though Ali shoots through the prison, the prisoner manages to get away. And whilst Tamar is nearly caught in the process, Marjan Montazeri (Glenn Close!) helps her flee. As for Yulia, she instructs the men to leave with the prisoner and leave Tamar behind.

The ending

As the pilot regains consciousness, the men who rescued him tell him that they’re heading home. General Qasem goes to tend to the press, although he soon makes a quick exit. Marjan is in a hospital when armed guards ask her to come with them. However, a doctor says that she is there at his invitation, and so the guards let her go. As Tamar makes a getaway in a “taxi”, Milad learns that he goes to the same gym as General Qasem’s son. Meanwhile, whilst still imprisoned, Arezoo (Tamar’s aunt) receives a visit from her daughter. A recommendation has been made, and she soon will be released.  

Milad receives the money to get him and Tamar out of the country. General Qasem makes a speech on national television claiming that the attack at the hospital was a terrorist attack. Instead of being released, Arezoo and her husband are framed as one of the terrorists and get hung. Footage of their bodies appears on the news.

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  • January 8, 2023 at 5:31 pm

    How did Faraz’s wife get released from the Israelis?

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