Who is Dom in Netflix series Grand Army?

By Daniel Hart
Published: October 16, 2020 (Last updated: February 10, 2024)
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Grand Army Netflix
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This article “Who is Dom in Netflix series Grand Army” contains spoilers. 

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Many themes center characters in Grand Army, but one stands out as a character of perseverance — so who is Dom in the Netflix series Grand Army?

What is she like?

Dom (or Dominique Pierre) is one of the positive characters in the Netflix series — she finds a way to make a bad day into a brighter one. Her friends heavily respect her. In many chapters, she is the center of her friendship group who love and support her.

What does she do at school?

She’s part of the dance team and is competitive in this area. She’s not as vocal in her activism, but she does want to make a difference.

How does she want to make a difference? (minor spoiler)

Later in the series, Dom wants to get an internship in mental health services so she can serve the black community better. She strongly believes that representation matters and that it reaches to certain communities too. This is based on her experience.

Who is she romantic with? (minor spoiler)

She’s smitten with John Ellis and spends the early part of the series trying to get him on board for a date with her. They do look like a good match — the on-screen chemistry between both characters works.

How is Dom’s family (warning – major spoiler)

One of the main plot points is Dom’s family that is on the edge of poverty trying to juggle multiple jobs so they can live. Later on in the series, Dom decides to hustle as hard as she can to provide for the family, but in the end, the family gets a good offer — marry a man who wants a green card for $10,000. Dom is tired and exhausted, burned out from all the juggling, and finally concedes.

So she gets married? (warning – major spoiler)

No — in the end, her mother feels that Dom does need a better life rather than be trapped with a man she does not love for two years and the family decides to tough it out together.

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