Dash & Lily season 1, episode 6 recap – what happened in “Christmas Eve”?

November 10, 2020
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Episode 6 leaves the lead characters at a crossroad as the Netflix series has opted to keep this storyline burning until the very end.

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Episode 6 leaves the lead characters at a crossroad as the Netflix series has opted to keep this storyline burning until the very end.

This recap of Netflix’s Dash & Lily season 1, episode 6, “Christmas Eve” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Dash leaves a message to Lily saying he has reconnected with an “old friend” with a complicated history — Sofia. He heads to a cafe with Sofia and Dash explains the game he has with Lily via the notebook. Sofia tells Dash that she’s happy for him as he has finally found the “perfect girl in his head”. She cautions him that if you put girls on pedestals, they fall.

As we draw closer to the ending of this series, it’s clear that Dash has some decisions to make.

Keeping the options open

Lily tells Dash that she’s happy that she’s been able to help his Christmas. She feels that Dash has helped her face her future. Lily feels she is betraying Dash by keeping her options open, but Langston tells her never to cancel a date. Langston tells Lily that Dash is meeting with an ex — that’s what he means by “an old friend”. Lily asks Boomer about the “old friend”. Boomer is convinced that Sofia is in Brazil, so doesn’t think she has anything to worry about.

The party

Dash heads to the Christmas Eve party and Boomer is concerned that Sofia has returned. Meanwhile, Edgar picks up Lily for their date. Boomer tells Dash that Sofia is bad for him because his bad habits are returning. Boomer explains that Lily brings out the best in him and challenges him.

Episode 6 brings that typical situation where a friend can see what’s bad for their best friend — Boomer represents that person.

The same party

And the twist is, Edgar and Lily show up at the same party. Lily feels underdressed as everyone else is less casual and fancier. She isn’t as confident as she has been. In the notebook, she tells Dash she is going to be bolder and asks if he’d like to meet in person. Both characters are at the same party, but they don’t know they are in each other’s presence. Dash makes a joke at the party, and Lily laughs out loud.

The Netflix series has built this up well.

Meeting for the first time

Dash and Lily end up talking to each other at the party — Dash compliments her Christmas sweater. The pair seem to get along very quickly. Dash reveals to her that he knows Edgar. Sofia breaks up the conversation, and the party starts the game “truth or dare”.

Truth or dare

As part of one of the dares, Sofia asks Dash to leave the party with her. It’s then Lily’s turn — she says truth, and she has to reveal the craziest place she’s ever hooked up. Lily is incredibly embarrassed because she’s never kissed anyone before.

The ending

Sofia takes Dash to The Morgan Library Museum so they can “travel back in time”. This is the place of their first date.

Back at the party, Lily wants to leave when Edgar suggests strip poker. Edgar asks her if she’s ever been kissed because she’s beautiful. When he’s about to kiss her, Edgar’s phone goes off.

At the museum, Sofia tells Dash if she could go back in time, she’d visit a time they were back together. Dash explains how he was never himself when he was with her — he tells her he doesn’t need her to protect him. Sofia tells him she’d like to be more than friends and then they kiss each other.

Dash & Lily season 1, episode 6 leaves the lead characters at a crossroads as the Netflix series has opted to keep this storyline burning until the very end.

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