Lost at Christmas review – a pleasant Christmas movie treat

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: November 23, 2020 (Last updated: 4 weeks ago)
Lost at Christmas review – a pleasant Christmas movie treat


Lost at Christmas is going to fill you with the Christmas spirit even when it tries to leave us with a broken heart.

Lost at Christmas is the full feature of the short Perfect Strangers from director Ryan Hendrick and sees Kenny Boyle return in his role as Rob, with Natalie Clark stepping into the role of Jen, and supporting turns for former Doctor Who Sylvester McCoy, Still Game’s Sanjeev Kohli, and Red Dwarf’s Clare Grogan.

Lost at Christmas sees two strangers, Jen (Clark), who is filled with Christmas spirit looking to meet her boyfriend for the holiday only to learn he has a secret family, and Rob (Boyle), who proposes to his girlfriend only to see himself dumped in the same Scottish highland village. Both are broken, both want to get home to Glasgow, but find themselves stranded in the village, agreeing to help each other get home, only to find themselves needing to stay at a remote hotel for the Christmas period. The hotel is filled with people who are looking to escape the Christmas period, with this being their usual location to escape the festival world that brings them all the pain, but with the visit of Jen and Rob, everyone is going to get the Christmas message.

Lost at Christmas comes to us to deliver yet another Christmas movie to be added to the massive amount coming our way over the period. We get to see how the happiest time of the year for many will become one of the worst moments for both Jen and Rob who suffer heartbreak right on the eve of Christmas. They are both left alone and away from their family and friends who would be there to support them. It brings us the idea of a perfect stranger coming into each other’s lives to help them in their time of need, mixed with the reflection of what could happen if you don’t look to overcome a moment — you could lose all the spirit of Christmas. This story will give you a happy feeling despite the idea of heartbreak being the motivation between the friendship.

Lost at Christmas sees the leads, Natalie Clark and Kenny Boyle, bring us a pair of strong leading performances that are both showing the signs of the heartbreak they have suffered while showing us what their characters would be like before these moments. Natalie embraces the pure joy of Christmas, while Kenny embodies the more stuck up character well. The supporting cast does get fun moments too, which will earn the laughs required to make this even more enjoyable. When it does come to the Christmas movies this is going to go down as one of the better ones you will get to watch new this year.

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