The Wilds season 1, episode 3 recap – what happened in “Day Three”?

December 11, 2020
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“Day Three” introduces Dot in a well-performed character study.

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“Day Three” introduces Dot in a well-performed character study.

This recap of Amazon Original series The Wilds season 1, episode 3, “Day Three” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

The opening scene shows Dot dancing freely to an electric guitar while singing to an ice cream Cornetto. She ends up dropping her ice cream on one of the investigators’ shoes. The scene then flits to her time on the island with a bad storm terrorizing the group of women. They are clearly not equipped for surviving yet. The investigators feed her fast food before questioning her; she’s very blasé about the situation which amuses both of the men. She tells the men on the island she was “one foot in front of the other”. This is a change of pace for the series — so far we’ve had elusive characters; Dot is very much on the surface with her attitude and her problems.

Survival plans

On the island, Leah, Rachel, and Nora are swimming off to the wreckage to see if they can find anything useful. Dot wants to find a cave for shelter after the bad weather. Shelby decides to follow her and asks why she isn’t in her own Year Book and why they haven’t crossed paths since eighth grade. When Shelby mentions Dot’s father, Dot isn’t interested in talking about it. But then Shelby mentions that Dot spreads rumors about her boyfriend Andrew cheating on her and that she sells drugs. There’s a bad history between them both. The island is a good place to make amends as you cannot escape it.

Dot likes to stay low

Dot tells the investigators that at school she stayed low, which had its advantages (like selling drugs). In one of the scenes, she sees Andrew taking a b*****b from another girl who isn’t Shelby. Dot explains how she didn’t have time to fit in. In a flashback, she returns home to her father who is on oxygen assistance — he’s on end of life treatment. In the kitchen, the carer tells her to be careful as what she’s doing is risky, referring to her cash-making empires.

Swimming in issues

On the island, Leah, Nora, and Jessica are paddling on plane seats to the wreckage. Meanwhile, Shelby finds an enclosure between some rocks. Suddenly Shelby pretends something has got hold of her and Dot doesn’t find it funny. Suddenly, Shelby starts choking, and her fake teeth come out; she is so embarrassed and runs off. This is clearly insecurity for Shelby who likes to present herself in a certain way.

The retreat idea

Dot has to care for her father, including helping him to the toilet when the carer is not around. Her father gives her the retreat idea, but she doesn’t want to leave him. Later on, the carer reassures Dot about leaving her father for a while, but Dot ends up kissing him and repeats that she doesn’t want to leave him.

Snake, black box, and a lost loved one

On the island, Dot fights off a snake that is going for Shelby and kills it. In anger, she starts smashing the snake against a rock.

Leah, Rachel, and Nora find the black box in the sea, which they assume is important. Meanwhile, Shelby and Dot bond. Shelby admits that her boyfriend cheated. And then they reference that Dot’s father is “gone”. A flashback is then shown between Dot and the carer where they discuss Dot’s father after his upsetting death. The carer gives her a business card for the retreat. Back on the island, Dot and Shelby find a cave.


With the cave found, Leah, Nora, and Rachel return with the black box. Meanwhile, Gretchen updates an acquaintance called Leonard about progress on the island; she’s impressed with the women so far and has a favorite. An old colleague offers Gretchen her condolences; there’s an implication she was voted out of another job, and she is trying to prove something. Once again, “Day Three” steers clear of revealing what this island is all about.

The first vote

The whole group debate about opening the black box; it goes to a vote and the majority rules to open it. They manage to turn it on and assume that they will be found. Dot then finds the recording from the flight. They hear the code “Mayday Mayday” and the moment they crash. It brings back traumatic memories for the women. Leah bluntly says “we should have died”. This scene verifies for the characters how lucky there were that they survived.

It’s time to leave

Another flashback ensues, and Dot’s father tells Dot that he’s about to die which shocks her to the core. He wants to go fishing as a final wish and suggests assisted-suicide. Dot doesn’t want to let go, but her father states now that she’s safe, he can leave. Dot grabs the needle and injects her father via an IV tube. He tells her he has loved being her father. He offers her hope about the world as he’s about to die. It’s a distressing moment for both the viewers and the character.

The ending

As the flashback ends, Dot is at the cave and she sees the beautiful sunset and cries. In another flashback, Gretchen offers her the retreat for free. Dot is cynical, claiming nothing is free, and wonders what she wants from her.

The Wilds season 1, episode 3 introduces Dot in a well-performed character study. So far, the series is doing well to give each character importance, following a structured narrative arc while keeping the twists lingering.

Island Diaries
  • Toni has unresolved issues with Shelby.
  • Fatin has read Jeffrey’s book and observes how the author is a perv. Leah grabs it from her and tells her to f*ck off.

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