Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 3 recap – “Class Act”

December 14, 2020
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“Class Act” continues to keep answers at bay, throwing the audience down rabbit holes and suspicions. They are going to drag it out with dramatic subplots and steamy relationships.

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“Class Act” continues to keep answers at bay, throwing the audience down rabbit holes and suspicions. They are going to drag it out with dramatic subplots and steamy relationships.

This recap of Netflix’s Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 3, “Class Act” contains significant spoilers.

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The opening

Tiny Pretty Things Episode 3 opens up with Neveah having another nightmare about Cassie. They talk about secrets and Nabil walks in with a white rose. Neveah wakes up in a sweat in the hospital; Cruz is surprised to see her there again next to Cassie’s bed — she tells Neveah that she believes someone is targeting her: Nabil. Regardless of the accusations and the angle towards Nabil, something does not feel right in the story — it seems too obvious so far. In the next scenes, Neveah and Nabil volunteer to help out at City Works Theatre.

Bette claims she has no injuries

Alan has told Monique about Bette’s injuries. Bette tries proving that she has no injuries; Monique agrees to an x-ray, but Alan believes she is making a mistake. This subplot will surely end in danger for Bette. In practice, Bette and Shane are performing poorly, and Ramon speaks to Bette after. They dance together, and Bette is overwhelmed by Ramon as he talks her through the dance; she manages to perform better than before. Ramon seems to have power over dancers that the series presents ominously.

Neveah tells Nabil how she feels

At City Works Theatre, Neveah is suspicious of Nabil after he volunteered. Delia shows Neveah the auditorium, and she is wowed by it. Delia asks Neveah and Nabil to show her what they can do. The pair dance but Nabil is frustrated that Neveah is resisting him. When Neveah calls him a creep, he storms off — he’s sick of people accusing him of pushing Cassie. Now that Cruz has planted the seed, Neveah is starting to feel paranoid — but still, the mystery lingers; the Netflix series keeps the twists at bay.

Ironically, Neveah speaks to Nabil on the rooftop. She tries bonding with him, but he ends up getting frustrated about the situation when Neveah gives him a photo of Cassie; it’s beginning to look like Nabil sacrificed everything for Cassie.


Monique senses that June is deliberately sabotaging other school places. She tells her that her mother will be picking her up. June begs her mother; she asks if she can stay at the school. Her mother tells her she will be leaving. There’s a lot of unfairness in the story as June is being forced out of her dreams.

Ballet investigator

Neveah wants the photo back of Cassie and rummages through Nabil’s stuff. Caleb finds her rooting around and helps her find it. They also find Cassie’s swimwear that has been cut up. When Neveah rings Ty about the situation, she is accidentally pushed by Nabil into the road; she accuses him of purposefully trying to hurt her. Neveah checks in with officer Cruz about her latest findings. Later on, Caleb admits to Neveah that he pushed Nabil into Neveah, which disproves her suspicions. “Class Act” sees Neveah going from dancer to lone investigator, but it’s very scattershot.

Wretched foot

Oren sees how bad Bette’s injuries are and he tells her that she has to stop dancing. Her foot is wrecked, but Bette tries brushing it off. Later on, Bette tries telling Ramon that she cannot perform Ripper; but he doesn’t want to listen to her and encourages her to keep going for the part. The tears are coming folks — this ain’t going to end pretty.

Neveah opens up

The school attends a ballet performance at the theatre. Neveah asks Nabil why he shredded Cassie’s swimwear. Nabil swears he didn’t push her and that when he landed in Chicago, he thought it would still be romantic between him and Cassie; he tells Neveah that he’s dead on the inside. Neveah holds his hand to comfort him. “Class Act” shows how Nabil felt betrayed by Cassie after their relationship moved to Chicago; she partied all the time and never made time for him. But the question remains on who pushed her.

June has an elaborate plan

June wants to emancipate from her mother, and she needs a temporary guardian. At the party, she asks Alan if he can be a guardian which shocks him. She needs him to sign the papers immediately, or she will be on a plane with her mother the next day — Alan speaks to his partner Topher about it. Afterward, June speaks to Nabil and tells him it may be her last night — there are emotions between them both; there’s a suggestion of a romance.

To the police station

At the end of the party, Cruz confronts Nabil, who tries to run off, but she tackles him to the floor. When she takes him to the station, her superior tells her there is no evidence or basis to arrest him. Monique enters the station and tells the police that they have violated laws by bringing Nabil in. While Nabil has been let off the hook this time, it’s obvious that this is not going to go away — the series needs another suspect at this point.

Our sex stops now

Oren tells Shane yet again that they need to stop having sex, but Shane doesn’t want it to end. Oren threatens Shane — he doesn’t want him to tell Bette about their secret relationship. Shane cries on the roof and Neveah finds him — she reassures him that he will find a good man one day. Considering Cassie was pushed off this roof, the students are obsessed with spending time on it.

The ending

The next day, Bette and Neveah show June’s mother the emancipation letter. June tells her mother that they either sort this out like adults or there will be a huge legal scene; Bette got a law firm involved. June manages to stay for now as her mother walks off.

As the episode closes, Nabil helps Cassie move her muscles in the hospital. Neveah enters the hospital room and apologizes to him. Nabil and Neveah kiss. This is a cold move while Cassie lays in the bed next to them. It’s also a strange moment considering the series hinted at a romance between Nabil and June.

Tiny Pretty Things season 1, episode 3 deepens the conspiracy as Neveah investigates the fall of Cassie. The Netflix series continues to keep answers at bay, throwing the audience down rabbit holes and suspicions. They are going to drag it out with dramatic subplots and steamy relationships.

Additional points
  • Bette has way too much to drink and embarrassed herself at the party. Oren has to take her outside.

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