Disenchantment season 3 review – there’s clearly legs in this animated comedy series

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 15, 2021 (Last updated: December 31, 2023)
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Netflix series Disenchantment season 3


There’s no coincidence that this series easily continues — there’s a formula that’s addictive.

This review of Netflix’s Disenchantment season 3 contains no spoilers. The animation series was released on January 15, 2021.

It appears that Matt Groening has a knack for creating a new idea and becoming a staple for audiences; it’s the type of consistency I admire. From the ever-returning The Simpsons to the equally binge-able Futurama, the American cartoonist has now embedded an animated series on a streaming service that does not appear to be waning any time soon — Disenchantment season 3 returns and it’s more or less the same, with outrageous modern-day jokes on medieval practices and a nonsense storyline driven by equally nonsensical characters that encourage a smile on your face. There’s no coincidence that this series easily continues — there’s a formula that’s addictive, with plenty of other competitors following the same graft and execution.

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By now we all understand the premise of Disenchantment — Bean continues to figure out a world that constantly works against her, with the opening episode seeing her challenge herself out of an underground world full of eerie creatures, with her mother Queen Dagmar continuing to tamper with misplaced motherhood that is almost psychotic. As the series progresses, it becomes less about the central lead, and more about the others; Disenchantment enjoys expanding the universe the more it progresses, like last season’s introduction of “science” that brought comedic perspective to the fantasy medieval aspect; the series works well with the character’s naivety and I guess that’s Matt Groening’s usual spiel that we’ve seen plenty of times before.

But there’s no doubting, this series continues to have longevity. It would be stupid to believe that the same creator of The Simpsons cannot have a long-lasting show on a more accessible platform like Netflix — Disenchantment season 3 shows there are legs in this and I would not be surprised if it returns for a fourth installment soon.

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