10 Animated TV Shows like Disenchantment you must watch

By Kieran Burt
Published: September 6, 2023 (Last updated: December 23, 2023)
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10 animated TV shows like Disenchantment

We discuss 10 animated TV shows like Disenchantment you must watch. Add these well-recommended and highly-rated shows to your watch list.

Disenchantment is a fantasy animated sitcom series created by Matt Groening. It follows Bean (Abbi Jacobson), a hard-drinking and rebellious young princess, her feisty and optimistic elf companion Elfo (Nat Faxon), and personal demon Luci (Eric André), who people often mistake as a cat.

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Many people wrongly dismiss animation shows as just for kids, but the tones in many animated shows (like Disenchantment) are not appropriate for younger audiences. If you’re looking for adult and often raunchy animated TV shows, here are ten like Disenchantment you must watch.

10 animated TV shows like Disenchantment

The Simpsons (1989)

A satirical take on American suburban life, the show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and the colorful cast of characters and cliches that live there.

It revolves around the Simpson family, consisting of Homer (Dan Castellaneta), his wife Marge (Julie Kavner), their son Bart (Nancy Cartwright), daughter Lisa (Yeardley Smith), and baby Maggie (Nancy Cartwright). It often shows plenty of caricatures of Western culture.

Hit-Monkey (2021)

When a Japanese macaque (Fred Tatasciore) is wronged, he goes on a quest for revenge by becoming an assassin. He’s mentored by the ghost of Bryce Fowler (Jason Sudeikis), a former American assassin, as they battle the crime-ridden Tokyo underground.

Futurama (1999)

A sci-fi workplace sitcom, the show follows the Planet Express interplanetary delivery company and its misfit employees. The cast includes slacker Philip J. Fry (Billy West), the captain of the Planet Express Ship Turanga Leela (Katey Sagal), the foul-mouthing robot Bender Bending Rodriguez (John DiMaggio), and Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth (Billy West).

Rick and Morty (2013)

Another satirical sci-fi sitcom, Rick and Morty follows the titular pair, as Rick (Justin Roiland), an eccentric and alcoholic mad scientist, takes his grandson Morty (Justin Roiland) on dangerous adventures throughout the multiverse, taking potshots at much of Western culture along the way.

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Family Guy (1999)

Another satirical take on American suburban life, Family Guy follows the Griffin family that lives in a wacky fictional Rhode Island town of Quahog.

The Griffin family is made up of the man Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane), the talking dog Brian (Seth MacFarlane), the diabolical infant son Stewie (Seth MacFarlane), wife Lois (Alex Borstein), son Chris (Seth Green) and daughter Meg, aka Megatron (Lacey Chabert and later Mila Kunis).

South Park (1997)

A raunchy and adult comedy, South Park is set in the fictional Colorado town of the same name. It follows four grade-school boys: Eric Cartman (Trey Parker),  Stanley Marsh (Trey Parker), Kyle Broflovski (Matt Stone), and Kenneth aka Kenny McCormick (Matt Stone).

They’re joined by a large cast of family members and friends as they take on Western culture and do everything in their power to mock it and each other.

Archer (2009)

Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) is the world’s most deadly and successful spy. He only lives for one thing, and that’s espionage. He works together in an incredibly dysfunctional team, who sabotage each other’s missions and lives just for fun. They help stop several crimes like drug dealing, private investigating, and more.

BoJack Horseman (2014)

Once a star of a ’90s sitcom, BoJack Horseman (Will Arnett), a humanoid horse, was the hottest thing around. But one day, the show was canceled, and BoJack got lost in a sea of self-loathing and booze.

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But he’s decided it’s time for a comeback, dealing with rivals and his own agent, Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris).

Big Mouth (2017)

The show follows a group of school kids set in a school in the Westchester County suburbs of New York, focusing on best friends Nick Birch (Nick Kroll) and Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney) as they navigate their way through puberty.

They go through plenty of struggles with their bodies, including masturbation and sexual arousal.

Bob’s Burgers (2011)

Bob’s Burgers follows the many adventures of the Belcher family, including parents Bob ((H. Jon Benjamin) and Linda (John Roberts) and their three children, Tina (Dan Mintz), Gene (Eugene Mirman), and Louise (Kristen Schaal). They all run a burger restaurant together and often go on many different journeys.

Do you have any other recommendations for animated TV shows like Disenchantment? Let us know in the comments.

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