Disenchantment season 4 review – an animated series worth staying around for

By Daniel Hart
Published: February 9, 2022 (Last updated: September 6, 2023)
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Netflix Disenchantment season 4


The wilder it gets, the more it holds its own. This is an animated series worth staying around for.

This review of Netflix’s Disenchantment season 4 does not contain spoilers.

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The toxic relationship continues in this swiveling series. Bean in Hell, with her mother, forcefully pushed to marry Satan to relinquish debts. That’s the opening of season 4 of Disenchantment that has gone through buckets of plot points to get to where we are today. Interestingly, this Matt Groening series has become a staple of Netflix, and I am convinced the story will remain on the streaming service indefinitely for now. Netflix wants its own The Simpsons, and while Disenchantment has no chance to reach similar heights, it can at least have the similar respect to Futurama.

And you can tell that longevity is ingrained in season 4. Disenchantment is still wildly off-cuff and funny as it delves into many dimensions and challenges for Bean and her varied companions. The longer the series exists, the more kingdoms we are treated with. From seeing an arrogant Satan to witnessing a casual God, there’s no scope for what these writers can achieve with this series. The wilder it gets, the more it holds its own. This is an animated series worth staying around for. 

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With the story embedded and the characters becoming more than familiar, Disenchantment season 4 feels like it’s on its turf, and I’m sure that future seasons will have a similar effect moving forward. The voice casting continues to be on point, and the universe of Matt Groening’s animation strengthens and sticks itself as appealing.

Whether or not you are sold on Disenchantment is another question: but fans who have made it this far, and continue to enjoy the madness, will surely love season 4. There’s so much to unpack; that’s what a crazy animated series should be all about.

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