Disenchantment Season 5 Ending Explained – Does Queen Bean Save Dreamland?

By Romey Norton
Published: September 1, 2023 (Last updated: December 23, 2023)
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Netflix animated series Disenchantment Season 5 (Episode 10) Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the Netflix animated series Disenchantment Season 5 (Episode 10), which will contain significant spoilers.

Disenchantment is produced in-house at Netflix and is Matt Groening’s first animated series since The Simpsons and Futurama. All five seasons of Disenchantment are available for streaming on Netflix. 

The ending of the fourth season saw Dreamland in a sorry state of affairs and an evil doppelganger of Queen Bean called Bad Bean causing havoc. Season 5 begins with our heavy-drinking Queen Bean in a conflict of crisis.

Everyone believes she’s dead so she can run away and start a new life with her gorgeous mermaid lover, but her conscience gets the better of her when she thinks about her friends and her people. Our hard-hitting protagonist is heading back to save Dreamland once and for all.

Disenchantment Season 5 (Episode 10) Ending Explained

How does Disenchantment Season 5 End?

In the final episode, “Goodbye Bean,” it’s a frantic time, with Queen Bean wanting to get rid of magic from the kingdom forever, God Dying and Dreamland being in total havoc. 

Once Queen Dagmar is finally killed and defeated and Dreamland is saved, Queen Bean gives a touching speech to the town before huge celebrations begin. Even her Pirate Stepmom is there, ready to get high and party. 

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Queen Bean announces that she will be stepping down because she needs a break, and the townspeople throw rotting vegetables at her. King Rulo chooses Mop Girl to be the new Queen of Dreamland. 

There is a sequence of every character happily finding love. With a quick cut to Queen Dagmar with Satan. Tidying up everything nicely. The final shot is of Bean and Mora on a beach, making out at sunset. 

How does Queen Bean save Dreamland? 

Sneaking in through the basement sex tunnel, Queen Bean makes her way through the underground tunnels of the castle, hunting for her mother. She stumbles upon her mother at a ceremony with the Trogs, whereby sucking the holy waters from the stalagmites helps have everlasting life. You also have to lose your brain.  

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Everyone gets high and tries to fight. Queen Dagmar is able to remove her brain and have immortality. Queen Bean gives it all she’s got and uses a giant stalagmite to pierce Queen Dagmar.

What happens to Queen Dagmar?

Queen Dagmar has always been a force in this series, and she deserves a memorable, perhaps even funny, death. After removing her brain with the hopes of being immortal, she is killed by a giant stalagmite falling and piercing her.

The entire cave collapses, with her impaled inside. We see a clip of her and Satan at the end, as she will be going to hell. 

What happens to our unlikely trio heroes? 

Luci is killed by Queen Dagmar and ascends to heaven, which he is not happy about. He saves God’s life, and God grants him one wish, and he chooses to bring Mora the Mermaid back to life for Queen Bean. 

Elfo is almost killed by Queen Dagmar after a fight where they’re all high, and she almost manages to drag him to hell with her, but he makes a quick escape. When Mop Girl is made the Queen of Dreamland, Elfo sits by her side as her consort. 

Bean and Mora run away from their wedding, but that doesn’t mean two others can’t get hitched in their place. 

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