Firefly Lane season 1, episode 7 recap – what happened in “Total Eclipse of the Hart”?

February 3, 2021
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“Total Eclipse of the Hart” goes full circle, as Tully’s relationship with her mother peaks, and there’s no avoiding the situation. The series keeps escalating the scenarios, and giving a compounding belief that these two friends are soulmates for life — it’s very endearing.

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“Total Eclipse of the Hart” goes full circle, as Tully’s relationship with her mother peaks, and there’s no avoiding the situation. The series keeps escalating the scenarios, and giving a compounding belief that these two friends are soulmates for life — it’s very endearing.

This recap of Netflix’s Firefly Lane season 1, episode 7, “Total Eclipse of the Hart” contains significant spoilers.

The question that will be pursed on everyone’s lips while watching Firefly Lane is — will Tully have the baby? Or will her past, her guard, get in the way? “Total Eclipse of the Hart” gives us an answer.

Firefly Lane season 1, episode 7 starts with Kate and Marah outside a church readying themselves for a funeral; Kate doesn’t want to go inside to say goodbye and says Tully would know how to do this. It’s still unclear what the tragedy is, or who has died. It’s easy to make a conclusion at this point, especially with the ending. But the series has chosen to drag this plot point out as much as possible.

Teen Tully practices a poem

In the past, teen Tully practices a poem with her mother Cloud. Afterward, Tully tells Kate that she needs to be perfect at school on the stage because, to be the best journalist, she needs to memorize lines. The BFFs agree to grow up and be successful together and have the best boyfriends. But this segment of the episode highlights how unsupportive Tully’s mother is being — Kate really was the only support in her life; it becomes clearer with each passing chapter why Tully cannot live a day without her friend.

Tully has her ultrasound

And then the story regarding the pregnancy begins again… in the present day, Kate attends Tully’s ultrasound. She’s not heard from her since the damning article that says “Tully Hart-less”. Tully insists she isn’t mad at Kate and says the fault lies with her mother Cloud. Tully and Kate listen to the baby’s heartbeat but Tully is still unsure what to do about being a mother or not. Soon after, Max asks Tully if he can hear the heartbeat next time and checks up on her. She’s struggling to deal with everything that is going on. She’s almost spaced out, with life passing her by.

Tully wants to see her mother after securing an accomplished career

And there’s plenty more sadness in the daughter/mother relationship plot; Tully has had all the success in the world, but it means very little to her without anyone being proud of her. In the 80s, Tully is really enjoying her life on TV. She’s relishing the role, but she’s aggressive, with Johnny worried about the complaints they are going to get. Tully visits her mother, and Kate wants to support her, believing Cloud will not give her what she’s looking for. Tully wants to see her mother alone; she tells Cloud that she’s an on-air reporter now, and gives her a few stories she’s working on. Cloud tells her that she isn’t going to pretend to be impressed and that she shouldn’t work for mainstream news. Her mother then asks for money. She’s still an addict, and she’s still not giving any love to her daughter.

Tully discusses damage control and Kate quits her job

In the present day, Johnny, Tully, and the team discuss the magazine interview. There’s worry over the ratings of her show. One of the team members asks Tully to bring her mother on the show as a reconciliation special. Tully is dismayed by the idea and storms out. Meanwhile, Kate confronts Kimber in front of colleagues and she’s furious. She explains that Tully’s mother is an addict and that Tully didn’t want to feed her addiction. Kimber insists that her reporting was by the book. Kate quits and awkwardly packs up. “Total Eclipse of the Hart” proves that Kate is never hindered by her professional life; f*ck with her friend, and she’s out — her loyalty is unrivaled.

Mutt and Kate plan to have sex

This series always throws in spanners and proves this friendship isn’t all gravy, and “Total Eclipse of the Hart” shows a huge problem in their friendship that could have easily ended them.

In the past, Tully laps up her new life as a reporter and goes out with Johnny, Kate, and Mutt. Drinks flow and they all play pool. Kate tells Tully that she’s going to have sex with Mutt. Tully wants to call immediately after. Kate and Tully exit the bar, leaving Johnny and Tully alone. Johnny seems a bit bothered. Later in the night, Tully tells Johnny she’s empty inside because of her mother. Johnny tells Tully that she’s a kind person. Tully tries denying that and Johnny kisses her. They both agree they are messed up and they hook up. Meanwhile, Mutt ejaculates within milliseconds before even having sex with Kate as he got too excited; she’s clearly disappointed.

The next day is awkward

But then it gets worse; Johnny and Tully believe Kate is at Mutt’s place so returns to Kate’s apartment. Kate listens to them have sex loudly and this is clearly a terrible moment for her. The next day, Tully is very hungover, and Kate is in no mood to talk. Kate tries to not be mad at her for sleeping with Johnny. Tully tells Kate that she thought she loved Mutt. Kate brings up that Johnny tried kissing her the other night but he doesn’t remember — she accuses Tully of wanting everything for herself. The friendship looks to be in tatters at this point, but then the story turns on its head.

Tully walks into the store after arguing with Kate, and a man with a gun walks in to rob the place. Tully radios into Johnny and explains the situation. Johnny wants to report on it. Kate rings the police. Tully goes into reporter mode and starts describing the situation. The gunman hears Tully talking, and the gunman shoots her in the arm. The story has well and truly escalated at this point.

It always boils down to the mother

In the present day, Tully walks on stage for her show and the lights are overwhelming; she experiences flashbacks of her mother, Max, and the day she was shot.

The episode then flits to teen Tully on stage at school, reading out her poem. The audience loves it and applaud her. Her mother didn’t show up, so Tully is disappointed and sad. When Tully returns home, her mother is high again. The same patterns return; it’s cyclical and abusive and shows what addiction can do to a person. The series is also a reflection of the troubling opioid crisis in America.

Tully missed a show

In the present day, Kate sleeps with Travis, and Johnny walks in on them. He was looking for Tully as she missed a show and thought she’d be with Kate. It’s a little awkward and Johnny is not best pleased. Both Johnny and Kate go looking for Tully. In the apartment, Tully left her phone. They ring Max, and he has no idea where she is either.

Cloud admits she was a bad mother

Firefly Lane season 1, episode 7 provides a heartbreaking moment for Tully — she’s always loved her mother; she’s always wanted love for her mother, but this is probably the hardest moment of her adult life so far — facing a sober Cloud.

In the past, Tully tells Johnny she’s been sat in the store and her shoulder is wounded. She looks after a young boy. The armed robber leaves and Kate runs inside to check out Tully. The armed robber is immediately arrested. In the present day, Tully confronts her mother and asks why she wants to burn down her career — “All I did was try to love you, and you hated me”. She expresses how she didn’t ask to be born, and she didn’t ask for a bad mother. Cloud admits she was never ready to be a good mother, and now she’s clean. She insists that she told Kimber that she is proud of her daughter. She admits she failed and realizes Tully always needed a good mother and wants to start again. Tully walks out — she’s in total disbelief that her mother is ready to try after all these years.

The ending

In the present day, while still looking for her, Kate tells Johnny that Tully is pregnant. Johnny then tells Kate that she’s moved on. Kate tells him that she waited for him and that he’s always got work on his mind, and gets lost on the job — he references when Tully got shot, and that he was a producer first and friend second. Kate then says she is done with journalism as she needs to figure out who she is.

Eventually, Kate finds Tully on an old roof in their childhood neighborhood. Tully admits she wants the baby and tells Kate she will need help. Flashbacks show Kate in the back of an ambulance with Tully with the bullet wound. They’ve always been there for each other. As the episode ends, Kate and Marah finally decide to walk into the church for the funeral. Tully shows up, and Kate ignores her and walks in with Marah. We can only assume that Johnny is dead at this stage, but there are surely more twists and turns to come.

Firefly Lane season 1, episode 7 goes full circle, as Tully’s relationship with her mother peaks, and there’s no avoiding the situation. The series keeps escalating the scenarios, and giving a compounding belief that these two friends are soulmates for life — it’s very endearing.

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