Run On episode 16 recap – the ending/finale explained

February 4, 2021
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Nothing really happens in episode 16, which is disappointing for a finale. The series left important plot points way too late, and the inconsistency between each episode could not be ignored. It’s a massive shame.

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Nothing really happens in episode 16, which is disappointing for a finale. The series left important plot points way too late, and the inconsistency between each episode could not be ignored. It’s a massive shame.

This recap of k-drama Netflix series Run On episode 16 — the ending/finale — contains significant spoilers.

The opening

We made it folks, and although this series has been disappointing in many ways, there has been some sweet chapters on love, communication and relationship that have been warm to the heart. However, overall, this has been a disappointing story, which is a great shame because these characters are uniquely interesting in their own way.

At the end of the last episode, Dan-ah got some dark news — she heads to the hospital to see her father in bad condition on his death bed. He tells her he loved her. Dan-ah tries her best to hold back the tears, but this is her father, and it’s a significant moment. Seconds later, Dan-ah’s father dies in his sleep. Afterwards, Dan-ah asks Myeong-min why he isn’t grieving and to show some respect. As for Lee Yeong-hwa, he sees in the news that Dan-ah is grieving over her father. It suddenly hits him that she’s part of a family dynasty — this is a significant moment that could end them.

Assemblyman Ki learns of Chairman Seo’s death, and he’s in shock. He’s selfish, thinking immediately of his children rather than the man’s death.

The death of the chairman means a different life for Dan-ah

And more heartbreaks follow…

Lee Yeong-hwa meets Dan-ah. She tells him what has happened, and he hugs her. Dan-ah tells him he is too busy to grieve, and that she needs to prepare for the next steps. She finds it odd that she is talking about her father, but always called him “Chairman”. Dan-ah then tells Lee Yeong-hwa that he has a bright future ahead, and she can’t be apart of it because of what her life now means. Lee Yeong-hwa walks off and tells her not to follow him. This was the day they feared, and it’s all unfolding in the ending of Run On. 

Ki Seon-gyeom learns some disturbing news about his father

Ki Seon-gyeom learns that his father started the Eun-bi scandal in Run On episode 16. He then learns that his parents are thinking of divorce. It’s all happening in this finale, and we have to wonder why they did not uncover all this in previous chapters and flesh it out. Ki Seon-gyeom then has a meal with Oh Mi-joo and mentions how his sister has been more tormented than him, and that he has something to tell Eun-bi, as he cannot keep it a secret. However, he knows it will hurt her. Oh Mi-joo tells him that if Eun-bi is hurt, then hug her.

So Ki Seon-gyeom tells Eun-bi what he has learnt, and she’s in disbelief. She’s wondering if she should expose her own father, but Ki Seon-gyeom reminds her that he used her for his own success.

Lee Yeong-hwa promises to like Dan-ah forever

Lee Yeong-hwa and Dan-ah tug at our heartstrings in the finale of Run On. It’s frustrating to watch them both.

At the office, Lee Yeong-hwa visits Dan-ah, which shocks her. He tells her she is important to him and understands that he needs to move on as quickly as possible. He gives her the painting he made for her. Dan-ah slowly wells up and cries, and Lee Yeong-hwa hugs her. He tells her he’s still the same, and nothing she does will make him hate her. Dan-ah sobs loudly. Lee Yeong-hwa tells her he will not stop liking her and calls her his first love.

Lee Yeong-hwa then returns home, sobs and hugs Ki Seon-gyeom. He believes he has lost the love of his life and that his dream will never come true. The camera pans on an empty canvas holder. It’s awful to see this happen to the couple, especially because their relationship has been sold well in this series.

Here is the heartwarming moment when Ki Seon-gyeom asks Oh Mi-joo not to leave him:

Oh Mi-joo drinks with Dan-ah

Oh Mi-joo finds Dan-ah at a bar and has a drink. She makes a martini reference and says “Bond, James Bond” — when Oh Mi-joo tries referencing western films, it’s adorable. After a few drinks, Dan-ah admits that she kept seeing Lee Yeong-hwa knowing how it was always going to end. Oh Mi-joo puts her hand around Dan-ah and asks if she’s paying for the rounds, as it seems expensive at the bar. Dan-ah jokingly says she wouldn’t let a peasant pay for her drinks.

Career objectives complete

Oh Mi-joo is invited to the Dubai film festival; her hard work has paid off with all the translating. More good news arrives as Ki Seon-gyeom gets his job as an agent; Oh Mi-joo is delighted for him.

Dan-ah apologises to Ye-jun

If any character has made strides in Run On, it’s Dan-ah and episode 16 sees her showing a mature moment we wouldn’t have seen in the start.

Dan-ah heads to the coffee shop that Ye-jun works at and apologises for being rude last time. Ye-jun admits that he does like Lee Yeong-hwa, and that she’s the first person to ask him that. Dan-ah tells Ye-jun that she lied about being gay, so she didn’t have to get married. Ironically, both characters have been lying to family most of their life.

Ye-jun tells Lee Yeong-hwa a secret

Later on, Ye-jun tells Lee Yeong-hwa that he saw Dan-ah and wonders if they broke up because she apologised. He then tells Lee Yeong-hwa that he was his first love. Lee Yeong-hwa hugs him. In the night, Ye-jun spends time with his mother, and tensions seemed to have eased after their disagreement after he came out of the closet.

Dan-ah misses Lee Yeong-hwa

Dan-ah enjoys her first day as the vice-president of the family business. Noticeably she’s wearing the shoes that Lee Yeong-hwa bought her. She visits the art gallery to see what’s on show for her patrons and sees one of Lee Yeong-hwa’s pieces; he’s slyly painted her in; she misses him. When she turns around, Lee Yeong-hwa is stood there, and she is taken back. He sees she’s wearing the shoes he got her and tells her ‘they look good on you”. She tells him that she’s been inside his heart, and it’s radiant, and then makes this day her real birthday. It appears that they have figured out that they cannot live without each other and that they have to take on the obstacles.

Ki Seon-gyeom and Oh Mi-joo talk about aligning their worlds and stick to whatever is possible. Ki Seon-gyeom tells her he loves her — he thinks it’s the time right time. She’s giddy by his words and asked if they can go to watch a movie later.

The ending

Oh Mi-joo, Dan-ah, Ki Seon-gyeom and Lee Yeong-hwa hang out together. They talk about heaven and whether they believe in the afterlife. The conversation slowly moves from one subject together; they’ve become good friends — it would have been good to see this group of friends more often in the series.

The finale gives the audience montages of the characters finding their happy endings in career and love. As the episode draws near to an end, all the characters end up at the cinemas, presumably for a premiere of some kind. Assemblyman brings flowers to his wife Ji-woo, and she accepts them. He’s clearly been grovelling. The last scene shows Ki Seon-gyeom grabbing Oh Mi-joo’s hand as the film starts.

Nothing really happens in Run On episode 16, which is disappointing for a finale. The series left important plot points way too late, and the inconsistency between each episode could not be ignored. It’s a massive shame.

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