Invisible City season 1, episode 4 recap – “Cuca Will Come After You”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 5, 2021
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Invisible City season 1, episode 4 recap - "Cuca Will Come After You"


Eric’s relevance is revealed in “Cuca Will Come After You”, as the battle lines are more clearly drawn.

This recap of Invisible City season 1, episode 4, “Cuca Will Come After You”, contains spoilers.

Before it follows on from the previous episode, “Cuca Will Come After You” opens with a brief deviation foreshadowing a later development, with Inês feeding a pig that becomes a child. But right after that, it’s into the immediate consequences of Eric rejecting Inês’s attempts at invading his mind, with her at one end of the room, swiftly tended to by Tutu, and Eric at the other, with Camila as his ally.

Camila’s side-switching here obviously endangers her, since as she explains, Inês is the Cuca, a mythical ghost-like bogeyman. Her intervention, at least at this point, seems more a result of curiosity than anything else, as she wonders aloud how Eric was able to overpower Inês. Camila’s loyalty isn’t exactly crystal clear either, though, which is something that even Luna realizes.

Everything, of course, is connected, and in due course, we learn that includes the opening scene of the very first episode, the disturbance of the hunter’s charred resting place significant enough that Ciço reports it to Inês with a warning of the tomb being opened and a curse being released. Eric’s true relevance remains obscure until later, with Inês speculating about what she saw in his mind with the rituals and candles. If these two don’t know exactly what’s going on here, then who does?

It takes Eric digging into his own personal history to turn up any definitive answers, and when he does, the answers don’t seem all that mysterious in retrospect. Of course, Manaus was his birth father, making him half-deity, at least, a fact that was concealed from him by his grandmother to spare his feelings, though how she expected it not to come up at some point is anyone’s guess.

Nevertheless, the revelation endears Eric to Ciço, who’d still like to perform a ritual to confirm his exact state of being, which Eric understandably doesn’t like the sound of. But Eric’s parentage raises an obvious question about Luna, which Invisible City season 1, episode 4 only makes more compelling in its ending sequence, with Eric returning home to be attacked by Tutu, and Luna screaming loudly and potently enough to disable them both.

Eric being a so-called “channel” is a predictable development, but at least feels like the right one to tie him to both worlds. With Tutu and Inês being positioned as the villains, Camila and Ciço as potential allies, and something more dangerous than everyone close enough to have killed both Manaus and Gabi, the battle lines are being drawn here in “Cuca Will Come After You”, with Invisible City making good use of its different genre elements.

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