Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 5 recap – what is Dong-mi plotting? The funeral.

February 6, 2021
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Episode 5 brings a sinister chapter after Gi-mi’s death. The funeral becomes the centerpiece to an interesting segue, and it’s clear that as the series progresses, the themes are getting dark and more serious between characters.

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Episode 5 brings a sinister chapter after Gi-mi’s death. The funeral becomes the centerpiece to an interesting segue, and it’s clear that as the series progresses, the themes are getting dark and more serious between characters.

This recap of Netflix K-drama series Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 5 contains significant spoilers.

After letting her husband Shin Gi-rim die in the last episode, which we were all shocked about, Dong-mi puts on a performance and asks for an ambulance at the cinema. We can only assume she waited for the film to end, to make sure he was dead. Suddenly, Yu-sin gets a call and learns that his father has collapsed. He’s in shock, and his family snap into action to get to the hospital. It’s too late though, and he’s dead. Dong-mi cries over her husband’s dead body; it suddenly hits Yu-sin and Sa Pi-young, and they sob. Meanwhile, unbeknown that Gi-rim is dead, Ye-jeong accuses Pan Mun-ho of pining for Dong-mi for years. Ye-jeong gets a phonecall from Boo Hye-rung, and she learns that Gi-rim is dead. She coyly tells her husband that her first love is a widow. This death feels like the start of many problems.

Will Boo Hye-rung divorce Sa-hyeon?

Boo Hye-rung meets her husband Sa-hyeon for drinks, and to discuss their impending divorce. Boo Hye-rung asks Sa-hyeon to bring his mistress to her again — it’s her one request, but he does not want to. She also wants a sincere apology, but he tells her she deserves better. Boo Hye-rung expresses how much pain she is in and that Sa-hyeon’s mother has dissuaded her. How far is Boo Hye-rung going to take this? He deserves to be punished, and we get the sense that she will prolong the punishment for as long as possible.

Mo Seo-hyang finally meets her grandmother

After the funeral, Mo Seo-hyang pays her respects to Dong-mi and the family, and you can tell Sa Pi-young doesn’t want her there. Ji-a finally sees her grandmother for the first time, and they embrace; this is a difficult moment for Sa Pi-young. As Mo Seo-hyang talks to her granddaughter, we hear her mind saying “I will not be around for much longer either”. Dong-mi joins their conversation, and Ji-a offers her a place to stay. The longer this standoff continues, the closer Sa Pi-young gets to regret — she needs to make amends with her mother.

More characters pay their respects

Pan Mun-ho and Ye-jeong head to the funeral to pay their respects. There’s been a lot of bickering between the two, but Pan Mun-ho cannot hide his feelings for Dong-mi. Suddenly, Dong-mi walks through the door, carried by family members as “she’s too weak”. Pan Mun-ho tells her to eat, even if it’s forced. Dong-mi tells them both that he was laughing in his final moments, and that she has little desire to live anymore. Someone give this character an oscar for best actress.

Sa-hyeon tells Boo Hye-rung that his mistress is pregnant

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 5 continues to delve into Boo Hye-rung’s struggle; her main issue is that no matter how hard she tries, she cannot get through to her husband.

Boo Hye-rung comes home drunk and looks for Sa-hyeon. He is startled as she enters the bathroom. Sa-hyeon asks if she needs food or water, but Boo Hye-rung changes the subject and asks if his mistress treats him well. She ends up sleepy at the end of the bed and slurs that she wants a baby. She asks if he doesn’t feel for her anymore. Sa-hyeon admits he didn’t anticipate his feelings changing and helps her to bed. Boo Hye-rung hugs him to bring him closer, but Sa-hyeon gets frustrated. She tries stripping off his clothes to have sex — Sa-hyeon tells her he cannot end it with his mistress, and that she’s pregnant at 6 weeks. Boo Hye-rung is in shock and asks him to bring her so she can talk to her directly. She calls her husband trash.

What does the baby mean for this situation? It’s getting extremely complicated.

Dong-mi continues her act

The funeral begins, and the casket is carried into the back of a car. Sa Pi-young gives her husband a drink to help him. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Dong-mi seems her usual self again, and she looks at herself in the mirror; it feels like there’s a slight smile on her face. As someone walks in, she acts like fainting. Yu-sin and family drive her home, and she continues her performance. Dong-mi feels like a villain at the moment; she’s deceiving everyone, and her smile hits the audience.

Dong-mi feels she’s done nothing wrong

Sa Pi-young, Ji-a and Yu-sin look after Dong-mi in her home. She continues to wail, claiming she fed him healthy food and that she feels useless. Dong-mi then asks the family to leave. Late into the night, she convinces herself that she’s done nothing wrong and she did the very best she could. There’s an essence of freedom around her. But she’s lying to herself — there’s plenty she could have done to save her husband’s life.

Another argument with the in-laws

The next morning, Boo Hye-rung and Sa-hyeon drive to Pan Mun-ho and Ye-jeong’s place. The arguments continue, and this time the pregnant mistress is central to the discussion. She asks her in-laws how they feel about a grandchild on the way. Pan Man-ho and Ye-jeong are barely useful in these conversations, and there’s a sense of hypocrisy going on, especially with recent tensions over Dong-mi.

The ending

At home, Lee Si-eun notices oriental medicine. Her husband claims it’s just to boost his immunity, but his wife is worried and wants to talk about it. At work, Boo Hye-rung rings Sa-hyeon and calls him an a*****e and tells him she doesn’t want a divorce; she feels she doesn’t need to be a divorcee and that he made his choice to make his vows. She’s pretending to not be on the phone in the studio by keeping her lips still. Sa-hyeon is in an extremely complicated spot now — his wife gives him all the desserts he deserves.

As the episode ends, Sa Pi-young gets a photo from a friend; Yu-sin and her mother-in-law Dong-mi are in a cafe. For some reason, she looks concerned. It then flits to Yu-sin and Dong-mi. He offers to help her out and get some oriental medicine for her. The episode closes with Dong-mi in the bath with a smile on her face. What an earth is she plotting? Put your predictions in the comments.

Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) episode 5 brings a sinister chapter after Gi-mi’s death. The funeral becomes the centrepiece to an interesting segway, and it’s clear that as the series progresses, the themes are getting dark and more serious between characters.

Additional points
  • Ga-bin arranges a shopping trip with A Mi. Song Won joins them. At the store, the assistant recognises Ga-bin because she’s famous.
  • Park Hae-ryun is continuing to see someone outside his marriage.
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