Capitani season 1, episode 11 recap – “My Breast Full of Darkest Night”

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: February 11, 2021
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Capitani season 1, episode 11 recap - "My Breast Full of Darkest Night"


The investigation nears an end in “My Breast Full of Darkest Night”, but there are still some things to uncover.

This Capitani season 1, episode 11 recap for the episode titled “My Breast Full of Darkest Night” contains spoilers.

Picking up right where we left things, this time we see Elsa approach from Frank’s perspective. Mick and Steve are in the forest too and hear the gunshot when Elsa and Frank tussle. Elsa gets the drop on him, and Jerry arrives with a gun of his own, saying everything has been taken from him, including Jenny. But he’s wrong. Elsa reveals that Jenny is still alive, and to confirm the point she emerges from behind a nearby tree. Jerry shoots both Frank and Elsa and drags Jenny with him into the Cloister House.

Capitani arrives and finds Elsa badly wounded, and Mick and Steve aren’t far behind him. Mick rushes into the Cloister House, shots ring out, and he emerges with both Jenny and an assurance that what happened couldn’t be forgiven. Remember, he still thinks Jenny is Tanja at this point.

Capitani drags Steve inside the Cloister to see Jerry’s corpse before Mores drags him away. In the village, the locals are disturbed by the sound of gunshots and the ambulances, but Mick arrives, triumphant, to take credit for solving the investigation and making the soldiers pay for what they did. He also apologizes to Usch, as well he might.

Capitani season 1, episode 11 doesn’t forget about Bonifas, who has no luck searching Carla’s apartment, and instead swipes evidence from Capitani that she later presents to him as having been found in Carla’s place — proof, apparently, that she’s a dealer. But he isn’t biting. He won’t abandon this case, and he eventually explains why. “Tanja” is really Jenny, and he believes that Usch saw everything that happened.

The problem is that Usch is peculiar, and deciphering what he’s saying proves difficult. But when Capitani speaks with Claude, he begins to translate. Usch and Mick were once known as The Big Guy and Thin, but Usch was the big guy. The names stuck. When Claude reveals that Usch only says people’s names in a single syllable, the penny starts to drop. Thi-thi, je-je, in bush, in the night. The Thin Man (Mick) and Jenny, in the bush that night. While Usch is rambling to himself, he’s also building a cairn like the one present where “Jenny” was found. He was there.

Elsewhere in Capitani season 1, episode 11, Mick sees Jenny’s tattoo, and figures out who she is. She tells him Nadine knew, and he asks her what her plan is. He seems to imply she should keep up the ruse, but when he asks her if she was there that evening, she says yes — and she saw everything. I guess we’ll find out what she saw in the finale.

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