Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 2 recap – “It’s A Face Not A Mask”

February 24, 2021
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“It’s A Face Not A Mask” settles into the story nicely; sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as mother and daughter begin to mount up their problems.

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“It’s A Face Not A Mask” settles into the story nicely; sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as mother and daughter begin to mount up their problems.

This recap of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 2, “It’s A Face Not A Mask”, contains spoilers.

After episode 1 establishes a revamped, more audacious Gilmore Girlswe can relax and let the story come to us. And this episode is far better without all the embedding of characters.

At the start of “It’s A Face Not A Mask”, in the middle of the night, Georgia freaks out, believing she has a long hair on her chin; she asks Ginny to pluck it — it’s her first day working with Mayor Paul. Georgia is a character that likes to keep up with appearances. As for Ginny, keeping up with appearances and blending in socially has never been her specialty. Despite making friends with Maxine at school, she’s struggling to adjust to the social dynamics that it brings, and she isn’t entirely sure of Maxine’s friends, as we learn later in the chapter.

Georgia’s first day at work: assistant Paul doesn’t trust her

At work, mayor Paul talks about bringing a marijuana dispenser to town to make profits; the idea is to bring in funding to build a new library — a new problem on Georgia’s first day. She offers to help the assistant Nick, to see if they can get planning permission, but he suspects that she is trying to seduce Paul and dismissed her. Later on, Georgia accuses Nick of also fancying Paul, and she bites back — she has a way of making herself malleable to make friends.

Maxine and Ginny pretend to go to the movies

Episode 1 saw Ginny randomly lose her virginity with Marcus in the most unexpected way. After sleeping with Marcus, Ginny heads to the pharmacy and asks for the plan B pill. She reads the leaflet inside the box to see the side effects (always a bad mistake) — during her anxiety of swallowing the pill, Maxine picks her up to go to a social gathering. Meanwhile, Georgia tells Ellen that Maxine isn’t going to the cinemas with Ginny and gives her the low down of figuring out their daughter’s lies that they tell them.

Georgia’s casualness over her daughter’s social life feels like a way of establishing trust between them.

Smoking weed and talking boys

At the gathering, the teens are smoking weed through a bong. Ginny tries it for the first time. Meanwhile, Georgia finds Maxine’s secret Instagram profile and shows her mother, Ellen. She wants to ground her instantly. Samantha tells Ginny that she once dated Hunter and all the girls talk about him. She then tells Ginny that she’s going to have a baby with a black man so she can have cute mixed babies — Ginny blatantly doesn’t like her, and references to skin color are p*ssing her off. The topic of A Star Is Born is brought up, and Ginny discusses all the versions; it’s blatantly her first high as she goes into way too much detail for the environment that she’s in. This was a cute moment though.

Reporting to her mother

When Ginny gets home, her mother wants all the gossip from the social gathering. She talks about her “first high experience”. Georgia asks Ginny to promise to talk to her before she loses her virginity. The mother and daughter swear to have no secrets between each other. This will cause an argument later in the story; as we know, Ginny has already lost it.

Needing a tampon and shoplifting

At school the next day, Ginny tells Marcus that it’s been weird since they had sex; when he brushes it off, she tells Marcus that she took a pill to be safe before walking off, looking annoyed. She drops a tampon in class, and it hits Hunter in the face, and she’s embarrassed. Afterward, Hunter is understanding and offers Ginny some salty crisp as apparently, that will help. Ginny goes shopping with friends, and they start stealing clothes in a shop, however, they are caught. Noticeably, Maxine was not with the group, so it goes to show how she’s an outlier in this friendship group, and Ginny has been thrown into the wrong crowd.

In with the wrong crew

This series has discussed racial profiling plenty of times, and Ginny and Georgia are passionate about fighting it. In Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 2, Georgia comes to the rescue in the shoplifting debacle.

Georgia is called about the shoplifting; she reckons her daughter is being singled out for being black despite her other friends stealing as well. She accuses the store owner of racial profiling and then pays for clothes. Georgia and Ginny go to a cafe afterward; Ginny tells her mother that she wanted them to like her. Georgia wants her daughter to learn the value of money and asks Joe to give her a job.

In school the next day, Maxine tells Ginny that she got a lead in a show; she tells Ginny to ignore Abby and the others, and she’s dismayed that they involved her in the shoplifting. Did a part of you think in this scene, “Well, they are your friends as well, Maxine?”

Another solution by Georgia

At the weekend, Georgia takes her kids to the bowling club, and Paul “happens to be there”. She talks to him about planning permission for the dispenser. She makes it known that there’s no electricity and AC problem as Cynthia owns the building next door to the required location, so it cannot be much of a coincidence that Cynthia has pushed against it.

Georgia is 100% a problem-solver, making her character problematic the more we unearth her past.

Ginny’s emotional rant

“It’s A Face Not A Mask” sees Ginny’s problem mount up; the character has looked misplaced ever since she lost her virginity, and she’s a volcano ready to erupt.

In the evening, Marcus visits Ginny in her bedroom (through the window) and asks her if they are cool. Ginny goes on a rant about how she feels left out in this town; she’s just lost her virginity, she’s one of seven black kids in the school, and she’s been caught shoplifting. She then cries, and Marcus hugs her. It suddenly dawns on Marcus that he was her first time, and he kisses her — she kicks him out after he suggests they have sex again.

The ending

Georgia wants to cheer her daughter up, and she creates a living room dance party. The family dance together and spirits rise quickly. Ginny narrates that her mother has always been blending and hiding. A flashback shows Georgia with Zion in a shop; she points a gun at the cashier and asks for all the cash — she has an extremely violent past. The next day, Norah and Abby visit Ginny. They bring her makeup and hang out with her. Ginny narrates that makeup works best if no one knows you are wearing it — “It’s a face, not a mask”. She believes she hides like her mother too.

As the episode ends, it shows Kenny’s ex-wife looking into his widow, Georgia, and we learn that her real name is Mary, and due to a broken home, she’s lived off the grid between age 14 to 18 years old. The ex-wife gets a full summary and wants to make sure Georgia doesn’t get her ex-husband’s money. The plot is thickening — the new town is not safe after all.

Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 2 settles into the story nicely; sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as mother and daughter begin to mount up their problems.

Additional points
  • At school, Austin is the Star of the Week, so he gets to present. He tells the class that his father is in prison. Georgia learns from Cynthia that her son’s presentation was a failure. To help Austin out, Georgia sends in lollies for all his class — all the kids thank Austin.
  • Georgia is writing letters to Austin and making out it’s from his father.
  • Georgia applies for a credit card in Austin’s name.
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