Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 3 recap – “Next Level Rich People S**t”

February 24, 2021
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“Next Level Rich People Shit” delves into love triangles, rejection, and desperation as our two lead characters continuing navigating Wellsbury as best as they can.

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“Next Level Rich People S**t” delves into love triangles, rejection, and desperation as our two lead characters continuing navigating Wellsbury as best as they can.

This recap of Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 3, “Next Level Rich People S**t”, contains spoilers.

Georgia is desperate as ever, and “Next Level Rich People S**t” shows how over the course of a season, this ain’t going to end well. Where it leads is unknown, but she’s going down a reckless path. As for Ginny, she’s still finding her feet as a teen in a new town.

Ginny is conflicted romantically, and “Next Level Rich People S**t” opens with her dreaming about hooking up with Hunter; Marcus walks in, punches the boy, and then hooks up with Ginny. The joys of being a young teenager experiencing those raging hormones. In the morning, she tells her mother that she’s off to Sophomore Sleepover and asks for money — the only issue is that Georgia is broke. Meanwhile, Maxine is battling with her mother Ellen regarding the sleepover because she’s grounded.

First day at the café for Ginny

Ginny understandably feels hurt over Marcus — she flagrantly likes him more than Hunter; her taste in men is clearly the “bad boy” look, but Hunter is the nice guy in this story.

Ginny starts work at Joe’s cafe. Marcus walks in and asks her to do “service with a smile”. Joe oversees the transaction and tells her not to be hostile to customers. Later on, Ginny enjoys socializing with friends and Hunter on social media. There’s plenty of group messages and direct messages to her where Abby and Maxine b*tch to her directly about each other. Basic teenager sh*t.

Let the Sleepover begin

Ginny and the group of friends head to the Sophomore Sleepover, prepped and ready. They all wear shirts with the first letter of their names — it spells MANG. At work, Georgia asks Nick to babysit Austin because she’s chaperoning the sleepover. Nick refuses, but Paul offers to babysit. Ginny asks her to stay out of her way. The party begins — it’s a party, but everyone is in PJs. As the party starts, Hunter kisses Ginny in the photo booth.

Ginny always ends up with Marcus

But there’s something magnetic about Ginny and Marcus — they can’t help each other, and Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 3 proves so.

One of the adults ruins Ginny’s hair. She ends up in the showers to sort it out and Marcus in there as well. Ginny asks Marcus why he isn’t into the sleepover — it’s not his thing apparently, and then he reveals he doesn’t have a girlfriend — he doesn’t see Padma as someone he’s committed to. Ginny and Marcus jokingly do different accents together.

Zero reciprocal feelings

You have to feel sorry for Max in Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 3.

Maxine has a love interest named Riley. And during dance practice, she has to do a routine with her. She has a massive crush. At the sleepover, she finds her crush Riley and drags her into the corridor for a conversation. She tells her feelings and kisses her. Riley apologizes and tells Max that she’s straight. Georgia finds Maxine crying while stealing money out of the sleepover cashbox and comforts her. Georgia is going to be found out soon enough.

Marcus’s tough year

We get to the root of Marcus’s elusiveness in this chapter, and it’s a sad one.

After a deep conversation about privilege, Marcus tears up and tells Ginny that his best friend died the previous year. As they are about to kiss, Georgia and Maxine enter, and they had to hide. When Maxine leaves, Georgia senses that someone is in the showers, but Georgia distracts her mother by leaving Marcus behind. Georgia calls the party “Next Level Rich People S**t”. They end up arguing, and Ginny calls her mother jealous because she never got to do social events like this.

The ending

When the Sophomore Sleepover finishes, Hunter asks Ginny if she will be his girlfriend — as he asks, Marcus walks by. She accepts his proposal, and Marcus looks annoyed.

Ginny narrates that her mother has big dreams and wants to give her this life; a life she never had. At school the next day, Riley continues acting normal around Maxine as if nothing happened. Maxine storms to the theatre hall to vent and a girl speaks to her, asking her what’s wrong. Max tells this girl about her situation with Riley. The girl tells Maxine that she’s hot and that the next time she needs to kiss someone, it needs to be with someone who wants to kiss her back. As the girl walks off, it dawns on Maxine that she has a new love interest.

Ginny narrates that everywhere has problems and that Georgia believes in dreams, but she tries to force them into reality. As Hunter puts her arm around her, she sees Marcus — love triangle alert.

Ginny & Georgia season 1, episode 3 delves into love triangles, rejection, and desperation as our two lead characters continuing navigating Wellsbury as best as they can.

Additional points
  • Mayor Paul has a tough night babysitting Austin, but eventually, he makes the young boy laugh. When Austin falls asleep, Paul sees a credit card in Austin’s name.
  • In truth or dare, Abby is asked to swap clothes with Brodie, but she doesn’t want to take her jeans off; she placed tape on her legs earlier.
  • In a flashback, Georgia has a positive pregnancy test. The next day, a boy offers part of his lunch. They talk about Wellsbury, Massachusetts. The boy introduces himself as Joe — we can assume it’s the same Joe who runs the cafe.
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