The One season 1, episode 3 recap – a contingency plan

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 12, 2021
The One season 1, episode 3 recap -


Thriller and relationship drama continue to mesh awkwardly in the third episode, as questions are raised but few answers are given.

This recap of The One season 1, episode 3 contains spoilers.

After raising an obvious question in the previous episode, The One episode 3 attempts to address it by opening with an 18-months-earlier flashback with Rebecca in Tenerife, getting to know Matheus and his brother, Fabio, eventually inviting both of them back to London, and finding Matheus talked out of the trip by his stubborn brother. Funny, isn’t it, how someone who has wielded power so flagrantly thus far can’t make things happen without that cudgel of money and influence.

In the present day, Rebecca has a leadership dispute to worry about, with Damien scheming to take her place on the board. He’s conspiring with an investor named Charlotte, so more blackmail is in order. It seems like not everyone is as loyal to Rebecca as dear Holly, Damien’s squeeze, and her position is in a degree of jeopardy. Again, if she loses some of that power she’s so fond of throwing around, what happens then?

Kate, meanwhile, continues to dig, looking into the leak and visiting James, who gets antagonized worryingly quickly. He does right to get his lawyer, really. Kate is also still hung up on Sophia in a subplot that feels needless at this point.

Speaking of needless subplots in The One episode 3, Mark and Megan! Those two meet, rather unavoidably given how Hannah has been carrying on, and the latter immediately starts panicking, believing that their love is virtually inevitable at this point. She does what she can to separate them but the lingering glances say it all. Maybe DNA dating works perfectly well!

At least James finds a backbone in The One season 1, episode 3, letting Rebecca know that he kept an incriminating bloody shirt as collateral. It backfires, though, when Rebecca arrives with Connor, who sets about him. James refuses to give up the location of the garment and Connor refuses to kneecap James on Rebecca’s request, so it’s a bit of a stalemate for now. We end with a cliffhanger involving Kate and Sophia – more snooping! – which seems like the least interesting way to go, but here we are. There’s a serviceable drama here, but the relationship business is continuing to meld awkwardly with the thriller plot.

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