The One season 1, episode 4 recap – who’s blackmailing who at this point?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 12, 2021
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The One season 1, episode 4 recap


The fourth episode burdens itself with largely uninteresting subplots as the soapy melodramatics begin to take over.

This recap of The One season 1, episode 4 contains spoilers. 

Another episode, another flashback, the one in The One episode 4 taking place a year earlier, with Rebecca gloating at a billboard but Ben fretting about a data breach. Public Wi-Fi networks, it turns out, aren’t entirely safe, and neither, it seems, is working with Rebecca, who is quite content to allow him to take the blame and lose his job while she continues to enjoy untold success.

The success of the app itself, though, remains questionable, with Kate still caught in an awkward love triangle with Valeria and Sophia, which has to be explained to the latter’s brother and father, and Hannah trying to stay away from Megan after allowing her to be introduced to Mark entirely because of her own meddling. Sci-fi undertones or not, I don’t think anybody in this show is going to be splitting the atom.

Kate, at least, seems to realize that something’s afoot. She confronts Rebecca about causing the media leak herself, and turns to Ben’s wife, Amy, to cause a bit more mischief. It leads to a bit of a scene that, for once, ends rather badly for Rebecca, leaving her looking foolish and more than a little bit suspicious.

As it turns out in The One season 1, episode 4, Fabio and Matheus are in London, the former not at all a fan of Rebecca. But the latter has come looking for her after an online speech lit a fire under him. They sleep together, but she’s quick to prod him to leave afterward, worried about matters coming back to haunt her. She can’t get memories of Ben out of her head, and the house of cards seems as though it’s not far from tumbling down.

Things take a turn for the utterly ridiculous when Megan confronts Hannah over avoiding her and the best excuse Hannah can come up with is that Megan waves her junk around while getting changed at yoga. When Megan understandably takes this bizarre claim to Mark, he shares that Hannah told him that Megan made a pass at her. This leads them both to realize that Hannah has been lying, but neither knows why. When Mark confronts her, they argue until Hannah eventually reveals that Megan is his match. With things still salty between them, he sleeps on the couch.

To cap off the episode, just as Rebecca feels she has gained an upper hand by leaking Kate’s sex tape, she gets a call from Fabio claiming that Ben revealed everything and he’s going to leak it. Drama! There’s blackmail all over the place in The One season 1, episode 4, but it’s hard to take any of it all that seriously given the show’s penchant for melodrama and soapy twists over actual insight or interrogation of its premise.

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