The One season 1, episode 6 recap – the net tightens

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: March 12, 2021
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The One season 1, episode 6 recap


The net tightens around Rebecca while the subplots continue to run in place — will The One be able to close out satisfactorily with just two episodes remaining?

This recap of The One season 1, episode 6 contains spoilers.

After over half a season of setup, things actually feel as though they’re happening in The One season 1, episode 6, which even opens with James being arrested for Ben’s murder. Of course, he has evidence to the contrary, which he’s quick to spout about, including that much-talked-about bloodied shirt that Rebecca was so keen to get her hands on.

Speaking of things Rebecca wants to get her hands on, she continues to fraternize with Matheus, who continues to fret about Fabio —  it’s Connor’s job to keep that whole matter under wraps. Rebecca is frazzled but trying to retain some semblance of control. She blindsides James with the fact that she has found him a match who is currently working in the company IT department and seems to have Mark on-side, who, for the record, is still failing to see eye-to-eye with Hannah.

Elsewhere in The One episode 6, Sophia remains tight-lipped about her situation and the past, and I remain totally uninterested in any of it. Doesn’t Kate have a murder to be worrying about?

Anyway, as has been much teased, Rebecca’s status as company CEO is up for a vote at a board meeting that James gets to cast the deciding vote on – he votes for Rebecca to stay on, and Damien concedes. Promptly afterward, thanks to Mark, news of Damien’s questionable doings gets leaked to the media. As well as flouting his personal ethics, Mark has Megan to deal with, too. She is apparently experiencing very real, growing feelings for him… just because of an app? Yeah, I guess, if you say so.

The much more interesting investigative plot gathers pace in The One episode 6, with Ben’s ex-employers leading Nick and Kate to learn about Matheus, prompting a manhunt for the brothers. This puts Rebecca in a bit of flap and she tells him to leave (didn’t she already tell him that for precisely this reason?). He stays hidden in a safe house with Connor doing his grocery shopping. But he’s promptly thrown for a loop when Kate, having just been told herself, lets him know that Fabio is dead.

Oh, and there’s something going on between Kate and Sebastian, as though anyone cares.

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