The One season 1, episode 5 recap – a struggle for leadership

March 12, 2021
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The One season 1, episode 5 recap


Utterly uninteresting subplots continue to bog down what might otherwise be a decent show, but the sense of the house of cards preparing to collapse should see audiences through to the end.

This recap of The One season 1, episode 5 contains spoilers.

You’ll recall that the previous episode introduced a potential threat to Rebecca in the form of fellow blackmail enthusiast Fabio, and The One episode 5 reveals that he’s looking for 2 million euros to keep schtum. Rebecca ponies up for safety’s sake, but this subplot isn’t going anywhere.

Likewise, neither is the one about ousting Rebecca. In The One episode 5 it’s Damien – we get some more flashbacks for context, naturally – who has set his sights on usurping Rebecca, and has evidence to speed the process along, which he gives to James. Who blackmails the blackmailers?

The problem, by the way, with an antagonist like Rebecca, is that it’s basically inconceivable that she’d have gotten this far without repercussions since she flagrantly screws absolutely everyone over. I suppose a lot of this is the chickens coming home to roost, but it’s a wonder she hasn’t already been ruined without the discovery of a body to spur things along.

Hannah and Mark are much more likable, but the downside is their plot doesn’t really have much to do with anything and is just inherently dumb. After their fight, Mark goes to meet with Megan, tells her she’s his match, and they kiss – he then regrets it and goes home to have sex with Hannah, but imagines Megan every time he closes his eyes, which is obviously awkward. These are the two most believable characters in the show, but it’s just really hard to get worked up about anything that they’re doing in The One episode 5. Likewise with Kate and Sophia. Just as Kate is gaining some ground on the case, she’s called back to Sophia’s bedside, as though we’re supposed to really care about her familial woes.

Rebecca also has a stroke of good fortune when Fabio passes out despite being paid off, giving her the opportunity to leave him for dead. It’s her only moment of triumph in The One season 1, episode 5, which also sees Damien give her an ultimatum, and Matheus turn up looking for Fabio. Things, needless to say, aren’t looking good. ac

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