Zero Chill season 1, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

March 15, 2021
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“Come and Take It from Me” is a laboured opening to the season with the characters failing to bounce off each other early on.

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“Come and Take It from Me” is a laboured opening to the season with the characters failing to bounce off each other early on.

This recap of Netflix’s Zero Chill season 1, episode 1, “Come and Take It from Me”, contains spoilers.

The opening scene begins with ice skater Kayla placing lights on the ice rink. And then the scene flits to her brother Max getting prepared for a video interview with a journalist. He asks his parents to ask his sister Kayla to turn the music down, but she’s sneaked out to an ice rink. Kayla video calls her friend Jacob from another ice rink, and they practice a routine together — Jacob asks Kayla how they can keep practicing specific moves when she’s in England. The family has moved from Canada, so Kayla has essentially lost her ice skating partner.

When Kayla returns home, she is upset.  Kayla’s mother tells her daughter that she will find a new partner and shows her a new competition.

New friend Sky

Adjusting to a new country is hard, but Kayla manages to make a new friend in a chilled environment.

Kayla makes a new friend named Sky at the ice rink cafe — Sky is a waitress there. After hockey practice, Mac introduces himself to Sky and tries to impress her. Sky tells Mac that he has a massive ego, but the pair are flirting with each other a little. Kayla tells Sky that she had a good pair in Canada and they were in sync; it’s not as easy as finding a new partner. You can sense the bitterness that they moved.

The mysterious hockey player

But there’s hope for Kayla in Zero Chill season 1, episode 1…

Late in the evening, Kayla tries to ring Jacob, but there’s no answer. She knows at this moment, her ice partnership with her friend is over. While packing up at the ice rink, she sees a hockey player dancing on the ice impressively. She sees the player do a double axel and gets excited. However, she doesn’t know the identity of this skater as they had a helmet on.

A prospective partner and Hammarstrom watches the hockey

The next day, Kayla practices with a prospective new partner. As soon as she skates with him, it’s obvious it isn’t going to work. Her parents and brother laugh about it with her after, but Kayla wants to go home as she’s in a terrible mood. Mac and the team learn that Anton Hammarstrom will be watching them at hockey practice — this man is a big deal in the hockey world. Mac is annoyed that Kayla cannot be happy for this moment, but then the siblings bicker; it seems the family moved so Mac could pursue his hockey career while she lost her ice skating partner. Hence the bitterness we can sense earlier.

Stealing the puck

Kayla gets on the ice and steals a puck, so Mac tries to take it off her. Eventually, she is knocked over. Anton Hammarstrom tells Kayla that she skates well, but she will be banned from the rink if she pulls a stunt again. When they get home, their parents lecture both of them. Later in the night, the father tells Kayla that they’d do anything for her in a heartbeat to pursue her dreams, which feels contradictory considering they’ve moved all the way to England for her brother, which did not benefit her whatsoever.

The ending

In the middle of the night, Kayla sneaks out again. Mac sees her and rings Anton Hammarstrom — he snitches on her. As Kayla hits the ice, she sees the hockey player that can dance well on the ice. She joins in on the dancing. As the hockey player skates off, Kayla tells them she feels a connection and wants to know who they are. However, Anton then finds her. She’s in trouble.

Zero Chill season 1, episode 1 is a labored opening to the season with the characters failing to bounce off each other early on.

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