Zero Chill season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

March 15, 2021
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“Blade Star” is predictable and boring, offering little for a second season — it will be surprising if anyone remembers this story.

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“Blade Star” is predictable and boring, offering little for a second season — it will be surprising if anyone remembers this story.

This recap of Netflix’s Zero Chill season 1, episode 10, “Blade Star” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

There’s a lot to sort out in “Blade Star”, but none of what happens feels worthy of a second season.

Kayla rings Sky and tells her she has left the skaters session and she’s shaky. She looks at the bracelet that Elina gave her, and she is in deep thought. Sky warns Mac that Kayla rang her and she sounded weird, so she cannot watch the game. Meanwhile, Kayla returns to the Blade Star competition, and Maia is there; she learns that she dumped Jacob as a figure skating partner.

Bear has a change of heart

In the hockey game, Mac scores an own goal, and he’s clearly doing it on purpose to help Bear and his father on the bet. He’s jeopardizing the game, and Bear sees the Wolverines coach looking disappointed — he gets on the rink and tells Mac that he needs to stop, but Mac wants to stick to the plan; Mac wins a penalty, and Bear scores it. He wants to win and not ruin Mac’s chances. Bear gives a team talk and motivates them all.

Mac proves his loyalty to friendship in “Blade Star”.

A change of goalkeeper

Suddenly, Bear’s father walks away, and Sam sees so chases after him; Anton Hammarstrom has no choice but to put Ava on the ice. Sam and Bear find their father outside. Bear tells him to prove that he wants to stay; he makes out like his father has a job offer in Berlin. Sam blames it on his brother for his father leaving, but then his father confesses that he made Bear throw the game.

Ava makes plenty of saves, and Anton is impressed. Mac plays his A-game and scores twice, so the Hammers regain the lead and win the game.

Singles skating

Kayla gets ready for the single skating competition, and Elina accidentally calls her Ava. She gets on the ice and starts her singles performance; she graces the ice to a large crowd. In the crowd, Sky is watching her and cheers her on. When Kayla leaves the ice, Elina isn’t impressed with her; she calls her sloppy but thinks she can still win this and not fail. Kayla distracts Elina and runs off. You can tell the character feels that she’s a replacement for Ava, and she’s feeding Elina’s insecurities.

Giving the father a trial and an understanding coach

Bear’s father tells his kids that he can’t give them a house, but he will give them a house and stay around. The brothers agree to give their father a trial. When they return to the team, Anton Hammarstrom talks to them privately and asks if they are both okay after learning what their father did.

But when it comes to his daughter, Anton Hammarstrom cannot express himself properly with her. Ava speaks to her father and asks if he is pleased with her. She wants him to say it. Ava tells her she’s quitting him and gives him his hockey stick back and asks him to give it to someone he cares about.

Kayla wants to have a pair

Kayla believes she’s losing everyone, but Sky tells her skating alone doesn’t mean she’s alone. Elina finds Kayla talking to Sky, and she’s annoyed that she’s talking to her friend. She accuses Sky of being jealous, but Sky tells Elina that Kayla wants to be in a pair. Kayla speaks up and wants to be paired with Sky. Elina tells her competitions do not have all-girl pairs.

Kayla and Sky perform together

In the second program, Kayla’s family shows up to watch her, which motivates her. And then Sky joins the ice, and they perform together, while Elina is irritated. Elina tries to turn off the music, but Kayla’s mother stops her. Kayla is disqualified from the competition, but she doesn’t care. She thanks Elina for believing in her but gives her bracelet back, saying that it’s for someone else — her daughter.

The ending

Anton Hammarstrom asks Ava if they can start again. He gives her a new hockey stick, and they finally hug each other. Ava then speaks to her mother about what happened with Kayla. Ava tells her she wants a mum, not a coach. She thinks they can still skate for fun. Elina feels she has lost everything, but as she leaves the ice rink, she gives Maia her business card

Sky tells Kayla that she should go to Prague; she can tell that she doesn’t want to stay behind. Meanwhile, the Wolverines coach approaches Mac about the paperwork, but he doesn’t seem happy. Afterward, Mac tells Kayla and Sky that he didn’t get the offer so that they are staying. Kayla and Sky are happy and believe they can find a way to be paired. Everyone is happy!

Zero Chill season 1, episode 10 is predictable and boring, offering little for a second season — it will be surprising if anyone remembers this story.

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