Sisyphus: The Myth episode 10 recap – [spoiler] is from the future

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 18, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 10


Episode 10 brings the present and future closer together as the story’s intricacies begin to piece together.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 10 contains significant spoilers.

If you think this series wasn’t going to open up this universe even more, then think again; we are entering time paradoxes at this point with the present and future frequently overlapping with each other.

Episode 10 opens up with Gang Seo-hae’s father, Gang Dong-gi, looking into Hyeong-gi’s mother after she died. He learns that the officer is working for the Control Bureau and wants to speak to Hwang Hyun-seung; he visits his daughter. She claims to know nothing because they lost touch ten years ago; she feels he was too busy with his work on illegal immigrants while her mother died of cancer. After questioning the daughter, young Gang Seo-hae rings her father; as he’s on the phone, a man joins him in the elevator, and they fight — after knocking him out, Gang Dong-gi learns he’s from the Control Bureau, and he has a wanted poster on Gang Seo-hae in his pocket. This confuses Gang Dong-gi and opens up a new story arc.

Freeing Gang Seo-hae

And then we return to the events of the last episode, with Tae-sul finding a way to save Gang Seo-hae at the Control Bureau. The cages are opening, so there’s chaos amongst the prisoners and guards. Gang Seo-hae manages to free herself from her chair and fight off Hyeong-gi; she tells him that she met his future self and explains that she didn’t kill her mother. Eventually, Tae-sul finds Gang Seo-hae, and she isn’t well, collapsed on the floor. He’s worried about what the Control Bureau has done to her.

Seo-jin’s deception

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 10 continues to show the conspiracy and how no-one, literally no-one, can be trusted.

Tae-sul picks up Gang Seo-hae, but then he’s met by Seo-jin. She hides them away in another room, out of sight from security. Seo-jin gives them a way out; she thanks Tae-sul for not reporting her father to the police for what he did and paying for his funeral. As Tae-sul leaves with Gang Seo-hae, Seo-jin rings Sigma and tells them where they are and asks for her mother’s medicine — the family is still being blackmailed despite Mr Kim’s death. Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae are surrounded by security. Suddenly, Tae-sul believes he’s going to die and tells Gang Seo-hae that there’s so much he’s grateful and sorry for and strokes her hair. This was a nice, touching moment in dangerous circumstances.

Soft Mr Park

Mr Park shows up and frees all the inmates who rush at the security. It’s a bloodbath, with the prisoners desperate to get out. Mr Park coolly shoots security officers himself as Gang Seo-hae and Tae-sul pushes their way through the crowd. Mr Park points his gun at Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae, but Tae-sul talks him out of shooting him and tells them they should get out together.

Choi Jae-sun picks them up; as they get in the car, Hyeong-gi starts shooting at them. However, Gang Dong-gi tasers him; Gang Seo-hae looks to her father on the building balcony — she knows who it is, but they have to drive off. Sisyphus: The Myth episode 10 is piecing things together perfectly, past, present and future.

Relive the moment Gang Seo-hae receives a mission from her future self:

Gang Seo-hae’s condition

When they return to Asia Mart, one of Mr Park’s men is wounded from a bullet, and Gang Seo-hae is very sick. Tae-sul speaks to Mr Park about Gang Seo-hae, but he’s told that she will die. Tae-sul tells Mr Park that it’s strange he came to the past and decided not to have an easy wealthy life and believes he is waiting for someone — Tae-sul hacks into the downloader and switches it off completely, which angers Mr Park. Tae-sul asks about Gang Seo-hae again and how to save her. Mr Park explains that Gang Seo-hae is disappearing; flitting around different timelines like a ghost, and that she will fully disappear in two days.

Mr Park then reveals he came to the past with an “advanced team”; each individual had a mission — one of the team members was Sigma. He gives Tae-sul a business card for a woman called Kim Agnes; she created the drug that Gang Seo-hae has been injected with, and Kim Agnes may know who Sigma is as a bonus. Mr Park warns Tae-sul that Gang Seo-hae will come back different if he saves her. He offers to join him, and Choi Jae-sun will remain at Asia Mart as a hostage. Mr Park wants to ensure that Tae-sul codes the downloader back on.

Sisyphus: The Myth has a common theme that’s noticeable as we reach episode 10 — family compromises all the characters, and it’s their main driver to their objectives in the story. Apart from Sigma, as we do not know his motive.

In a panic, Gang Dong-gi wants to leave

Gang Dong-gi speaks to Hyeong-gi and asks about why his daughter is on a wanted poster. He has a lot of questions, confused about what’s happened to him recently. When Hyeong-gi doesn’t answer, Gang Dong-gi points a gun at him. Hyeong-gi suddenly gets emotional, so Gang Dong-gi asks him for information for “old times sake”. Gang Dong-gi hears the police turn up, so he leaves; he returns home and tells his wife that they’ve got to leave. Their doorbell goes off, so Gang Dong-gi carefully approaches the front door and asks his wife to hide. When he answers, it’s Tae-sul. He grabs Tae-sul, but Mr Park holds a gun at him.

Speaking to the future in-laws

With each episode passing, Tae-sul’s understanding of what is happening is becoming clearer, which is why he is confidently approaching people who are linked in the future.

Tae-sul wants to talk to Gang Dong-gi and his wife, Eun-hui. He tells them the story of the future and Gang Seo-hae, but the mother believes it’s laughable and thinks it is some prank. Tae-sul shows Eun-hui, a locket with a photo inside that belongs to her to prove it. He explains how the same data cannot exist in the same timeline, so if they cross over, one disappears. He crossed the lockets over, and one of them flickers out. After learning that Gang Seo-hae isn’t well, Gang Dong-gi wants to see his daughter himself.

Present meets future

For the audience, everything is starting to click in this intricate but well-written story. Despite the complexities, the writers have done a sublime job at the exposition.

Gang Dong-gi examines his daughter and verifies that it’s her. He sees her flicker and is worried. Episode 10 flits to 2035; Gang Seo-hae is playing with the necklace locket. Her father wakes up after a course of antibiotics. She asks him about a Tae-sul and a war that irritates her father; she knows about this because she found a diary written by her at the graves she found when looking for antibiotics for her father. The father and daughter argue, and Dong-gi tells her that he saw her die and that whatever she tried to do in the past failed before storming off. When Dong-gi falls asleep, Gang Seo-hae leaves her father a letter asking him to look after himself and that she’s going to succeed this time.

The ending

Tae-sul visits an orphanage for children who are illegal entrants — this is where Kim Agnes resides. He asks her about the drug that’s impacting Gang Seo-hae and wants to know if there’s a cure. Kim Agnes tells him she cannot help because it’s just an orphanage. However, in a twist, Kim Agnes is revealed to be a Kim Seo-jin. It’s revealed that she was one of the women on the advanced team that Mr Park was part of that downloaded into the past.

Seo-jin tells Tae-sul that he shouldn’t have visited today. The scene flits to Sigma walking towards the orphanage building. The double doors open, and Tae-sul faces Sigma for the first time.

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 10 brings the present and future closer together as the story’s intricacies begin to piece together. The audience will be encouraged by how well the story has been weaved, with a grand finale in sight.

Additional points
  • Edward Kim talks to Seo-jin about the rumours about him accessing the hospital; he knows it was Tae-sul. He wants the truth to everything that’s going on. He’s having doubts and is starting to believe Tae-sul.
  • Mr Park is relieved that everything is still intact. On the screens, photos appear of Mr Park’s family. A smile stretches on his face.

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