Sisyphus: The Myth episode 11 recap – Tae-sul risks his life to save Gang Seo-hae

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 24, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 11


Episode 11 is an emotional rollercoaster, bringing our two leading characters closer to each other more than ever before.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 11 contains significant spoilers.

As we have learned from the last episode, Gang Seo-hae is flitting through different timelines; she’s in danger of not existing at all. The opening scene of episode 11 sees her waking up in her child’s bedroom; however, when she sees her mother, she can’t see her. She’s essentially a ghost.

The first meeting with Sigma

We then return to Tae-sul’s meeting with Sigma, with (Agnes) Seo-jin by his cage. Mr Park then walks in. Sigma kindly greets Tae-sul, but their trade of words has bitterness in it. Tae-sul asks Sigma for the cure for Gang Seo-hae. Sigma tells Tae-sul that he will save Gang Seo-hae if he finishes the coding for the uploader. Tae-sul tells him that the world will fall apart if he creates the uploader, but Sigma corrects him and states it will only be the Korean peninsula (that’s still bad!). Sigma gives Tae-sul a gun and tells him to shoot him, and if he does, he will save the world. However, Tae-sul cannot do it, and Sigma tells him he’s technically pressed the nuclear button “all to save a girl”.

Tae-sul asks about his brother, but Sigma tells him that he hurt his brother more than him. Sigma then tells Tae-sul that he must inject the cure into Gang Seo-hae in a certain way, so he should take Agnes (Seo-jin) with him. As Sigma stands up, he asks Tae-sul if he remembers him and smiles. This story is getting personal for Tae-sul now. Sigma is part of a revolving cog, and this episode proves that Tae-sul still has so much more to figure out.

Tae-sul wants to save Gang Seo-hae

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 11 shows how much Gang Seo-hae means to Tae-sul.

Agnes and Mr Park join Tae-sul at Asia Mart to help Gang Seo-hae. Agnes asks everyone to leave the room so she can do what she needs to do. Tae-sul offers to do the cure with Gang Seo-hae, which means injecting himself with decomposition and going into her past to find her. Agnes tells Tae-sul to inject them both with a shot when they get as close to the present as they can. Agnes warns him that no matter how hard he tries, he cannot change the future or the past because they mirror each other and saving Gang Seo-hae will not make a difference. Tae-sul disagrees with her, stating that the mirror cannot be faster than them. Agnes injects Tae-sul and he falls unconcious.

The timelines change

But this mission is not as simple as Tae-sul imagined — in fact, it’s way worse, and it requires an emotional toll on the character.

Tae-sul floats through space and time and ends up at Gang Seo-hae’s school. Eventually, he finds Gang Seo-hae, and she has a splitting headache — she doesn’t know why Tae-sul is here. Tae-sul tells her he needs to bring her to the present and give her an antidote; however, he’s struggling himself, coughing up blood. Suddenly, the timeline changes to Tae-sul’s timeline to the day of his father’s funeral and Tae-san promised to look after him. He has to relive this tragic day.

Tae-sul has to watch his younger version of his brother Tae-san look after him. He’s never seen Tae-san cry before until this very moment, and it hits him hard. Gang Seo-hae tells him that they can’t stay and that he needs to be prepared. The timeline then shifts to the day his brother died, and Tae-sul is celebrating with colleagues about a great milestone achieved for the company. He had ten missed calls from his brother, but he ignores them. Seo-jin asks if his brother visited earlier; he tells her that he and his brother are so different, but it’s not worth having one. Tae-sul is angry at how much of a jerk he was being. This is another moment that hits Tae-sul hard — he cannot believe how he was about his own brother.

“Happy memories”

The emotional toll on Tae-sul continues; the fact he’s doing all this for Gang Seo-hae is admirable.

Suddenly, the lights flicker and the timeline moves again, and they are enduring high-speed winds. Tae-sul tells her that he has no happy memories. Gang Seo-hae tells him about her life in a post nuclear world, eating tinned food and making the most out of all the little things with her father. Gang Seo-hae picks him up and they find a door full of light; they walk through it and end up at the beach during the day, with more settling weather. It’s the West Sea. Tae-sul points over to his company’s training centre; he notes it’s nearly the present, so they are almost there.

Only one injection available

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 11 sees Tae-sul willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, showing how much he cares for Gang Seo-hae.

Tae-sul tells Gang Seo-hae that when they get back, her father will be there. However, when he opens up the antidote tin, one of the injections is broken. He acts like everything is normal and injects her — he apologises as it dawns on her that something is wrong. Tae-sul tells her that when she wakes up, Seo-jin will be there and that she must stop Sigma. Before she goes, they kiss each other.

The ending

Gang Seo-hae wakes up and tells Agnes (Tae-sul) that they only had one vial. Tae-sul lays there unconscious. Gang Seo-hae asks him to wake up and gets increasingly frustrated. Meanwhile, Tae-sul wakes up on the beach, and Tae-san greets him. He calls this his hiding place. Tae-sul sobs and apologises, hugging his brother tightly — all the emotions from the last 10 episodes come gushing out. Tae-san tells him not to apologise and believes he could have been a better brother himself.

Tae-san than injects Tae-sul with the cure — he tells Tae-sul that even though he can’t see him, he will always be right by his side — it feels like his brother planned to be there for him in these shifting timelines the whole time. Meanwhile, Gang Seo-hae sobs on Tae-sul. Suddenly, he wakes up smiling and touches Gang Seo-hae’s head.

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 11 is an emotional rollercoaster, bringing our two leading characters closer to each other more than ever before.

Additional points
  • Hyeong-gi asks Hwang Hyun-seung if he was one of the people that came back.
  • Sigma meets Hwang Hyun-seung. He tells him that they’ve death with Tae-sul and Hyeong-gi, and they believe it’s all about building the uploader now.

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