Slaxx – the ending explained – the jeans unleash revenge

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 18, 2021
Slaxx – the ending explained - shudder original film

This article discusses the ending of the Shudder original film Slaxx, so it will contain major spoilers. 

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As the film enters the second act, it’s clear that the new brand of jeans has a life of its own, and they have slashed through the employees of the store, sucking up as much blood and guts as they please. This leaves three characters; Libby, Shruti, and Craig, who have found themselves holed up in the manager’s office, hiding away from a pair of jeans that have attached themselves to a mannequin.

It suddenly dawns on the characters that every time they play Bollywood music on the speakers, the jeans dance. The characters know there’s an identity attached to the dreams. Shruti uses the telecom system to speak Hindi to the jeans, and it responds, using the blood of its victims to write on the wall to talk to them.

It turns out that a victim of child labor (a girl called Keerat) has manifested into the cotton and is laced into the new jeans — Keerat was working in unsafe conditions, acquiring cotton, and ended up being killed by machinery. The story is corporate revenge horror — the jeans are taking revenge against a company that claims to ethically and organically source their materials.

Shudder’s Slaxx – the ending explained

Shruti and Libby attempt to sympathize with the jeans, slowly walking up to them while recording the whole ordeal on camera — they promise Keerat to tell the whole world what this company has done as an alternative way to seek revenge. However, promotion-hungry Craig sprays a fire extinguisher at the jeans rather foolishly, so the characters run away.

It becomes clear at this point that all the Slaxx jeans are banding together, led by Keerat. Craig is desperate for the camera, so he can remove all evidence of what’s happened in the store; Shruti toys with him, so Craig kills her and takes the camera; he becomes frustrated when he sees that the SD card has been taken out. Eventually, he finds Libby and demands that she hands over the SD card. Libby is knocked unconscious, leaving Craig to be consumed by a band of jeans, who eat and consume the character so quickly that he becomes a bloody skeleton.

What happens next?

Libby pretends to be unconscious, so all the jeans walk past her. She walks out to the front of the store, and all the jeans are ready and alert, waiting for the customers on the other side; the store is in lockdown, but with seconds to go before the doors automatically open, Libby tries to reason with Keerat. However, with the customers banging on the front of the store, the jeans refocus. Libby tries her best to keep the doors shut, but there are too many customers, and they brutally knock her over to let themselves in.

Libby suffers a terrible impact injury to the head, and as she slowly dies, she sees all the customers getting ripped apart by the jeans. The company should have taking social responsibility more seriously.

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