Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 5 recap – what happened in “Life Insurance”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 24, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 1, episode 5 - Life Insurance


“Life Insurance” deals with guilt as it reveals that more than one character is dealing with a heavy burden on their shoulders as the series reaches the halfway stage.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 5, “Life Insurance”, contains spoilers.

The last chapter ended in a tragedy as Àlex felt he was getting closer to the truth, but it’s obvious nothing will be simple in this Netflix series.

“Life Insurance” begins with Álex in prison when he was younger. He was promised to be looked after by Cesar. But it was far from what really happened. Cesar also promised it would save his mother’s life. It was lie after lie. Within days Álex was beaten. His lawyer did visit him, but there was no good news; two months quickly turned into 8 months. He then learned that his mother died. Who Killed Sara? Episode 5 shows a story of a true set-up of the less privileged for the wealthy.

Elisa offers to be Álex’s “life insurance”

Álex has truly found himself an ally in Who Killed Sara? as Elisa finds herself in the deep end in this complex story.

Back in the present day, the authorities are turning up after Elroy ran over Ortega. Elisa checks up on Álex. She swears she wasn’t involved in what happened. She tells him that nothing will happen to him as long as she is around — she offers to be his “life insurance”. The pair continue to sleep together.

The Lazcano family was heavily involved with Sara

In a flashback, Sara and Rodolfo hit it off very quickly with each other, having sex in the car. They clearly liked each other. Flashbacks also show Chema threatening Sara and hurting her and Cesar’s father inappropriately making a move. The Lazcano family was heavily invested in Sara. In the present day, a guilty-looking Elroy remembers seeing Cesar getting close to Sara. The guilt of the past and present is getting to him; he has done bad things for the family, and he was fond of Sara.

Rodolfo asks Álex if he trapped him in the Sauna

Diane the Huntress messages Álex explaining that he told Elroy everything he knows. Elroy is nervous about the messages he is receiving. The next day, Rodolfo comes to Álex’s house and asks if he trapped him in the sauna. Elisa comes to the door that shocks Rodolfo; the “life insurance” is now activated.

Choosing Clara

While tensions are high, Lorenzo and Chema have family plans, acting as a side plot that may go wrong by the end of the series.

Chema and Lorenzo offer Clara surrogacy; Clara is shocked by their request, but she accepts. All three of them are excited. They tell her that she will be compensated for having a baby for them.

Guilty parties

Despite the Lazcano family trying to keep things a secret amongst themselves, there are members outside of Elisa who feel the burden in “Life Insurance”.

At the casino, Bruno sees the sec worker Imara; he’s clearly conflicted about whether to help her — he asks another woman about Imara. There’s so much pressure on a young boy at such a young age, and it can be felt. Meanwhile, Elroy is feeling disorientated at the casino; he keeps seeing Sara. Mariana confronts him about talking to Elisa about Sara and reminds him that everything he’s got is because of her.

Hacking the casino computer

Having “life insurance” works for Álex as he can enter business premises with a bit more ease in Who Killed Sara? season1, episode 5.

Álex and Elisa attend a masquerade party at the casino and access the office. He’s trying to uncover something. Álex asks Elisa about the master’s programme she plans to attend and wonders when she will leave. Elisa explains that she will go next month. Álex is showing attachment to her already. Álex finishes what he’s doing on the computer, and a timer starts while Cesar gives a speech.

The ending

Suddenly, the casino screens change, and it shows photos of Cesar hunting down safari animals. Elroy then walks on stage with a pistol and points it at Cesar; there’s panic in the room. Elroy is tired of all the secrets. Elroy points it at his head, and as the screen goes dark, you hear a gunshot.

Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 5 deals with guilt as it reveals that more than one character is dealing with a heavy burden on their shoulders as the series reaches the halfway stage.

Additional points
  • Flashbacks show Chema threatening Sara because she knew he is gay; Sara had blackmailed him, knowing his father would strongly disapprove.

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