Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 8 recap – what happened in “Where Dreams Become Reality”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 24, 2021 (Last updated: last month)
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 1, episode 8 - Where Dreams Become Reality


“Where Dreams Become Reality” loves spilling secrets as time is running out; who the true murderer of Sara is yet to be revealed, but there are far more problems.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 8, “Where Dreams Become Reality”, contains spoilers.

A question we wanted answering in the last episode comes quickly in this chapter. A flashback shows Sara going to Cesar and telling him that she’s pregnant with his baby. He denies all knowledge of sleeping with her and drives away. She was panicked and upset, wondering what will happen if Rodolfo finds out. Cesar’s acquaintance Sergio tries reassuring her that everything will be okay. While in his office, she sees tapes of women being tortured. She’s caught watching the tapes. Even Sara had many secrets that completely compromised her with this family; everything leads back to Cesar’s corruption.

Asking Elroy about Flor

Elisa heads to the hospital to see Elroy. She asks him what happened to Flor Sanchez. Elroy is suddenly shaken and says, “Sergio”. He whispers in her ear, so the audience does not know the true extent of what he’s implying. Elisa returns to Álex and wants to know if Sergio knew Sara and if he was there the day she died — he confirms he was. She also wants to know who Sara was pregnant with. As the series progresses, Elisa seems to be better at getting information than Álex; they make a formidable team.

Baby news

Episode 8 shows habits; Cesar has a habit of having sex with his son’s romantic interests, but he clearly does not care about contraception. Again, all the problems in the story seem to link to him.

Cesar heads over to see Sofia for sex, but she tells him she’s pregnant with Rodolfo’s baby. He doesn’t take the news lightly and calls her worthless because she’s pregnant. Sofia leaves upset. But the audience will be wondering, is it really Cesar’s baby?

Rodolfo confronts his father about the sex trafficking ring. Cesar changes the subject and congratulates Rodolfo for having a baby with Sofia. Sergio is concerned that Rodolfo found out about the women. Rodolfo confronts Sofia about the pregnancy. She tells him it’s true, but he is irked by something and walks off.


Like we’ve seen in previous episodes of Who Killed Sara?, when the Lazcano family gather, their dysfunctionality shows and “Where Dreams Become Reality” shows how deep-rooted the issues are.

The Lazcano family gathers at Chema’s house, and Rodolfo looks zoned out. Cesar and Mariana head over, and Chema and Lorenzo are preparing to share their news. As Lorenzo welcomes them in, Cesar is once again showing his homophobia and is rude to Lorenzo. When Cesar tries to greet Rodolfo, he’s annoyed that his father knew about the pregnancy before him. It then turns into celebratory news, but Rodolfo is extremely drunk and nearly reveals who Elisa has been spending her time with; everyone tries to calm him down.

The ending

Chema and Lorenzo then share their news; that they are going to be parents. Cesar sarcastically asks which one of them will be pregnant. They reveal it will be done via surrogacy. Cesar is not amused. Mariana raises how it goes against God’s rules and that it is a sin. Tensions escalate, and Cesar calls Chema’s ways twisted; Chema asks everyone to leave as he’s shaken and upset by the negative response to the news. Cesar demands respect, but Chema reminds him he’s never treated anyone with respect and then reveals that his father is having sex with Rodolfo’s wife Sofia and that he was seen in the casino family. Cesar punches him. Elisa wonders if Sofia’s baby is Rodolfo’s or her father’s, and a sadness layers over the family. There’s never a quiet day for the Lazcano family.

Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 8 loves spilling secrets as time is running out; who the true murderer of Sara is yet to be revealed, but there are far more problems.

Additional points
  • Moncho will not leave Clara alone. He heads over to her place. They used to be in a relationship, but they’ve broken up. Moncho is visibly frustrated and abusive.
  • Imara appears to be dead in episode 8.

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