Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 9 recap – what happened in “Watch the World Burn”?

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 24, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 1, episode 9 - Watch the World Burn


“Watch the World Burn” is a strong penultimate chapter; new allies are made, and there’s a feeling that everything will be revealed in the finale as the characters prepare themselves.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 9, “Watch the World Burn”, contains spoilers.

Baby news ended the last chapter, but the start of episode 9 brings Álex a potential new ally. Sergio tells Àlex that he’s known Cesar for thirty years, and eventually, his sins will bring him down and take him with him. Álex asks about Flor Sanchez. Sergio denies all knowledge and feels like Cesar will watch the world burn — he claims to want to bring him down and wants to be an ally of Álex. Audiences will be anxious to trust this character.

Lorenzo wants to leave Mexico

And after the homophobic events that took place, it’s no wonder Lorenzo has a change of heart about the baby situation. Chema and Lorenzo join the clinic and wait for Clara. Lorenzo believes after the baby is born, they should leave Mexico. He doesn’t want their child growing up in Chema’s family, not after recent events steeped in homophobia. Clara leaves the surgery and tells them that it went well.

Álex is keeping his cards close to his chest

Who Killed Sara? has always suggested that Elisa has not been traumatized by her family, but that’s not the case in “Watch the World Burn”. Elisa experiences a nightmare of seeing a man beating up a woman brutally. She isn’t sure if it’s a dream or a memory. She tells Álex about it, but she’s irked that his phone keeps ringing and wonders if he trusts her. Álex states that he does trust her, but he’s worried about her parents finding out about them.

Mariana’s dissatisfaction continues

You’d think Chema’s parents would leave Chema alone. Still, they are obsessed with their religious ties and traditionality that they cannot let it go that their son is having a surrogate baby — this brings in another uncomfortable scene.

Mariana speaks to Chema about the serious accusations he aimed at the family. Clara admits that she saw Cesar and Sofia kissing in the bathroom — Mariana gets angry at Clara, but Chema tries to warn his mother that she’s carrying their baby. The mother and son argue again about this, and Chema is dismayed that his mother is unsupportive. Chema tells her he doesn’t want to see her again.

Meanwhile, Sofia speaks to Cesar; she states her marriage is basically over with Rodolfo, but Cesar doesn’t care. Sofia kisses Cesar and asks him to care, and he kisses her back. However, when she undresses, he rejects her. This is how Cesar treats women; he discards them and only keeps ones that he finds have value.

Rodolfo is done with Sofia and the family

The story goes full circle; Álex wanted Rodolfo killed at the start of Who Killed Sara?, but now they are allies, after the same thing in episode 9.

Rodolfo speaks to Álex; he reveals that Sara’s baby can’t have been his and that Sofia has been sleeping with his father. Rodolfo doesn’t want anything to do with Sofia, his father, or the companies. He wants to laugh with Álex again, like in old times. Álex asks if he has heard from a man named Nicandro. He states that Diane the Huntress recorded videos on the day Sara died, and the only people recording that day were Chema and Nicandro. Álex and Rodolfo form a pact and agree to help each other.

Álex learns that Nicandro died in London. He messages Diane the Huntress and asks if they knew, but they go offline.

The ending

Elisa returns to Álex, and she’s annoyed that he keeps hanging up the phone, but he reminds her that he has the vendetta against her family that he’s planned for 18 years. He doesn’t want her to know everything. Elisa tells him he can’t decide for her and that she’s with him. When they calm down and stop arguing, Álex tells her that what they have is real, but he doesn’t want to be forced into a choice.

Marifer then heads over, Sara’s best friend. She brings a tape that says “Flor Sanchez” on it. Álex asks Elisa if she’d like to know who her family really is and plays the tape. As the tape plays, you can hear a woman in extreme distress.

Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 9 is a strong penultimate chapter; new allies are made, and there’s a feeling that everything will be revealed in the finale as the characters prepare themselves.

Additional points
  • Moncho confronts Lorenzo and asks him if he’s having an affair with Clara. Afterward, Lorenzo and Chema talk to Clara about how dangerous her ex is.
  • Flashbacks reveal Mariana asked Elroy what he saw. She tells him they have a special relationship, and she puts his fingers in his mouth. Cesar shows up, and he clearly saw, but Mariana acts normal.
  • To help Bruno, Elisa finds out information about Imara; she finds out she has been murdered.
  • Bruno asks his mother Sofia if she’s getting a divorce from Rodolfo. She reassures him that she’s trying to fix everything.

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