Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 10 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 24, 2021 (Last updated: February 17, 2024)
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 1, episode 10 - Two Graves -- the ending explained


The ending of Who Killed Sara? Season 1 brings more questions than answers, but “Two Graves” was exciting and stimulating. While audiences will be frustrated, the material propped up for Season 2 looks mouthwatering.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 10, “Two Graves” — the ending explained, contains spoilers.

In typical Netflix style, there’s always a cliffhanger, but I believe this one will pump audiences! It was never going to be a simple ending.

Álex is delivered Flor Sanchez’s tape in the penultimate chapter. The final episode shows Sara reacting to the tape and running away from Sergio. She asks her best friend Marifer to hide the tape for her. She describes in her diary how the tape is horrific and how she plans to tell Rodolfo everything. In the present day, Álex remembers Marifer; he has a sexual past with her.

Sara wanted to use the parachute way before the fatal day

The ending of Who Killed Sara? season 1 brings plenty of new flashbacks from that fatal day.

Flashbacks reveal that Elroy told Mariana that Sara is pregnant. Mariana believes Rodolfo has thrown his life away before it even begins. Elroy slyly states the baby is not Rodolfo’s but that it is Cesar’s. The flashback continues, showing Álex, Sara, and the Lazcano siblings heading to the holiday home near the lake — Nicandro is also there. Sara is one of the first to say she wants to use the parachute, but Rodolfo is worried because she’s pregnant.

With the boat being prepared, Mariana tells Elroy to keep his eyes on the group. Meanwhile, Sergio is angry that Sara is at the holiday home, but Cesar promises to keep her mouth shut. When Sara sees Sergio, she freaks out, and Nicandro hugs her.

Watching the tape

The sobering realization that Cesar is a monster dawns on the siblings in Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 10.

In the present day, Álex, Rodolfo, Elisa, and Marifer watch the video of Flor Sanchez getting violently abused. Marifer has no idea why Sara had the video. Álex believes Flor was murdered. Imara’s name comes up, but they learn that she’s dead. Rodolfo reveals that his father is running a sex ring in the basement of the casino. Suddenly, Elisa remembers walking down there as a child.

Mariana had her own ideas

In a flashback, Mariana tells Sara that she knows she’s pregnant and that she knows who the father is. She vows to support her and Rodolfo. Later in the day, Mariana gives Elroy a penknife and asks him to do what he needs to do; she reminds him that he’s done way worse when he killed his parents. Regardless of whether Elroy or Mariana killed Sara or not, they definitely had intent.

Elisa tries to talk to Elroy again

The key to all this seems to be Elroy, but time is running out in “Two Graves”.

Elisa revisits Elroy in the hospital. She tells him that Imara was murdered like Flor. She asks who is torturing these women, but Mariana arrives and interrupts their conversation. Mariana tells Elisa that she will not end her marriage over a single error, referring to Cesar and Sofia. Elisa believes she’s closed her eyes and ignored what’s around her.

The Huntress identity revealed

Diane the Huntress messages Álex and asks if he’s going to give Flor Sanchez’s video to the police. They state it will be the end of Cesar and his empire. Álex is desperate to know who it is. It’s then revealed that Diane the Huntress is Marifer, Sara’s best friend.

Lorenzo loses

Episode 10 veers to the side-plot with the surrogacy for Chema and Lorenzo; it seems their relationship is not as solid as it seems.

Lorenzo gets angry at Clara because he believes her ex-boyfriend has slashed his tires. He tells Chema that his family is completely nuts. Lorenzo completely loses it and says the need to leave and be with his family, who are accepting. Chema tells Lorenzo that he’s acting like his father Cesar, but that irks him, and he walks off.

There’s a reason why Rodolfo cannot have children

Sofia tries to reason with Rodolfo, but he asks her to leave the house. She tells him that he’s going to be a father. However, flashbacks reveal that Rodolfo had a vasectomy when he was 18-year-olds after Sara died. The baby can’t be his, so it’s his father’s. This answers many questions about why Rodolfo never seems to want to be a father.

Hidden in the wall

And then Who Killed Sara? season 1, episode 10 takes a turn, and the material for the second season starts to come to light.

When Álex drops a beer, he finds a journal hidden in the wall. There are loads of notes and drawings written by Sara. There are sentences like “what if I’m crazy like him” and “I want to die – help!”. Maybe Sara isn’t what we all thought she was, and season 1 has started this narrative in the finale episode.

Elisa accuses Cesar of killing Sara

Elisa confronts her father, Cesar and asks about the sex ring he’s stored under the casino. Cesar wonders who is filling this information in her head and asks if it’s Álex; as she walks off, he accuses her of hating the family and betraying them. Elisa admits to being in love with Álex. He grabs her, so Elisa asks him if she’s going to torture her like Flor Sanchez and queries the whereabouts of Imara. She calls him a woman-killer. Cesar raises his hands, but he cannot hit her. Elisa looks squarely in his eyes and says, “you killed Sara”. Meanwhile, Mariana has a smug smile on her face as Elroy dies. Does the secret die with him?

But did Elroy tamper with the parachute?

A revealing flashback shows Elroy looking at the parachute on the boat, but as he holds the knife, he hesitates — it’s not 100% clear if he actually tampered with it. Meanwhile, in the present, Álex tries to ring Elisa and leaves a voicemail; he tells her that they were wrong about everything and that it was all a mistake, suggesting that a tampered parachute did not kill Sara. Cesar tells Elisa that he had nothing to do with the accident, and he swears on his life. Sara’s fall to death is shown, and Mariana looks on dismayed; however, she pretends to ring the ambulance. In the present day, Elisa tells her father to leave her alone forever and calls him a “killer”. As she walks off, Cesar cries.

The ending

In a flashback, Mariana finds the knife on the boat and rings Elroy; she tells him that she will have to handle this herself; she’s on about the evidence. In the present day, Álex looks through Sara’s journal where she wrote, “I want to die”.

And then suddenly, something in the journal triggers Álex. He digs up a hole in his yard, and he finds a skeleton. Elisa finds him and sees him lift the head of the skull. Flashbacks show Cesar shooting a woman in the forest. Was it Sara? The woman he shot wasn’t entirely clear.

The ending of Who Killed Sara? season 1 brings more questions than answers, but episode 10 was exciting and stimulating. While audiences will be frustrated, the material propped up for season 2 looks mouthwatering.

Additional points from the season 1 ending
  • As Chema and Lorenzo have sex, Clara stands in the doorway and watches, fingering herself.
Next season preview

The next scenes give audiences a preview of what’s going to happen in season 2:

  • Álex visits a doctor and asks for full transparency of his sister’s past.
  • Marifer tells Álex that she and Sara were best friends, but things didn’t end well between them.
  • Elisa and Àlex look at Sara’s journal, and Elisa tells him that Sara was more dangerous than she appeared.
  • Álex still wants to find out who murdered Sara and got into his yard before the police did.

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