Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 1 recap – the opening chapter explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2021
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 2, episode 1 - The Two Faces of Sara


Episode 1 provides a welcome return; Alex wants the truth more than ever, but not just about the murderer, but Sara too.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 1, “The Two Faces of Sara,” contains spoilers. 

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The first episode of episode 2 opens with a flashback; Sara has lost control. She is furious — when Marifer and Lucia try and calm her down, Sara swipes a knife at Marifer and kicks Lucia down the stairs. Rodolfo picks Sara up, and she acts normal. She’s off on holiday with the Lazcano family. Alex looks through her notebook in the present day, and he cannot believe that he didn’t realize that his sister is insane.

The medical truth about Sara

As hinted at the end of season 1, there’s more to Sara than meets the eye, which makes the series more than just a murder mystery.

Alex visits the medical center — he tells the doctor that Sara was murdered 18 years ago, and then his mother 8 months later. He knows Sara was a patient of this doctor after reading his sister’s notebook and knows she needed psychiatric therapy. The doctor tells Alex that Sara had paranoid schizophrenia. Alex wants to know why his mother told him the truth, but the doctor explains that she was threatened and that his sister was a threatening sociopath, and he wouldn’t be surprised if the murderer felt at risk. Alex realizes he needs answers more than ever and gets worked up, but Elisa tries to calm him down. He still believes someone from the Lazcano family cut the rope on the boat.

Who cut the rope?

Flashbacks show Elroy about to cut the rope on the boat, but before he does, he’s distracted by Nicandro. In the present day, Elroy tells Mariana that he needs to confess to her; he talks about the cutting of the ropes, but he explains he didn’t get a chance to. Meanwhile, Elisa raises to Alex the possibility that Sara killed herself as payback. But they cannot talk long as Elisa sees someone outside of Alex’s house; when they go outside to look, they cannot see anyone.

The fact that Elroy did not cut the rope changes everything; who did? And why? It feels like we are back to the beginning again.

When Sara met Nicandro 

Flashbacks show Chema meeting Alex and Sara for the first time at Nicandro’s home. When Sara sees Nicandro, she seems nervous around him. There’s uncertainty as to why, but it seems that Nicandro will be more important in season 2. Nicandro offers Sara cocaine in the bathroom and tells her it is free for “girls like her”. In the present day, Alex is still fretting because there’s a corpse in his yard — the person was killed before he went to prison; he doesn’t believe the judge will take his story as he’s an ex-convict. He needs answers more than ever.

Rodolfo is not in the mood to talk about Sara 

Sometimes you need to find the right time to talk to someone — Alex probably needs Rodolfo to calm down after recent events, especially since he learned that his father made his partner pregnant. Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 1 throws plenty more obstacles at Alex.

Alex meets Rodolfo for a private conversation; he tells him about Sara’s psychiatric issues, but he wants to know if they ever did drugs together — Rodolfo gets angry, explaining that it breaks him every time someone mentions Sara. Alex is trying to understand if drugs were a factor in the events that happened — Rodolfo kicks Alex out and tells him he loved his sister.

Unidentified corpse 

Due to the corpse, Alex is under police surveillance while a 6-month investigation takes place. Unfortunately, the examiners cannot get a DNA match on the skeleton, and they need more time; they only know the victim died from a headshot wound — one bullet. Elisa comforts him but lets him know that the University in Spain expects her to start as soon as possible — he clearly doesn’t want her to leave, and he’s emotional, but he does tell her to leave as it is her dream. Elisa is torn — she doesn’t want to leave him behind. Alex assures her he will do everything he can not to go back to jail.

Sara’s origin 

In a flashback, Lucia tells the doctor that Sara was brought into this world because she was raped — she wants to keep it confidential. She explains her father abused her and was mentally ill himself. Alex does not have the same father. Lucia states Sara has the same eyes as her father, and she can see him in her all the time.

The ending

Sergio and Cesar head to an amusement park late in the night to meet Alex. Suddenly, one of the rides comes on, and Alex tells them on the speakers that the drone is recording their every move, so if he does anything, it will be in the media, and the cops will descend on the place. Sergio tells Cesar that they need to negotiate, but Cesar shoots down one of the drones — he does not want to be manipulated. Suddenly, one of the bins explodes, and papers fly out — it’s copies of Cesar’s bank records. Cesar sees Alex run away and tries to shoot at him, but Alex’s trap fools him, and Alex grabs him from behind and kicks him to the floor before running away.

In a tragic ending, Alex lures Cesar towards a bomb, but Elisa turns up, worried about Alex — she heads towards the bomb, and there’s a massive explosion. That’s certainly a way to open up season 2.

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 1 provides a welcome return; Alex wants the truth more than ever, but not just about the murderer, but Sara too.

Additional points
  • When Sara was younger, Sara tried to hit another girl with a rock at a party — her mother tells the doctor this.
  • Chema meets Lorenzo and tells him he misses him — he wants to start over, but Lorenzo is not interested; he doesn’t like what their life has become.

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