Sisyphus: The Myth episode 13 recap – Sigma’s power and influence are revealed

By Daniel Hart
Published: March 31, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 13


The stakes are higher than ever in episode 13 as Sigma’s power and influence are truly revealed for the audience to see.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 13 contains significant spoilers.

Following on a trip down memory lane, Sigma is shouting for Tae-sul to come outside the school — the building is surrounded by The Control Bureau. As Gang Seo-hae is about to kill Sigma, she and Tae-sul are shot at; Sigma walks through the school, taunting them. Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae end up trapped in the archives room, surrounded by The Control Bureau. Gang Seo-hae wonders why they are not walking in and are waiting — they believe that last time in the same timeline, they left the room, which is why Sigma hasn’t given the order. On the wall, Tae-sul writes October 28, 2020, and the time. He believes someone from the future will see the scribes on the wall and save them. He truly understands the world he’s living in now.

Outside, a sniper is taking out The Control Bureau. It worked. As they leave the archive room, Tae-sul picks up a radio, and it’s their saviour. When they reach outside, they see Bong-seon; Tae-sul’s former bodyguard. They join him at his hideout. Bong-seon wants to know how they can stop the war — Gang Seo-hae is confident that she can stop it this time. There’s so much doubt emphasised every time Gang Seo-hae says that, but she did mention in the last chapter that events have already changed in this storyline.

The underground passage

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 13 gives the audience another glimpse into the future, which the audience will always appreciate.

In the future, Bong-seon shows Gang Seo-hae and Gang Dong-gi an underground passage to an uploader. The father and daughter navigate through it together. At one point, they reach piles of skeletons of dead people. Gang Dong-gi tells his daughter how he had so many worries for her when she was younger, but it’s nothing compared to now. He asks her not to meet Tae-sul in the past. The pair have to quickly run away as they hear a gang rushing behind them. As they leave the tunnel, they find themselves in a firefight. The direction and camera angles in this action sequence are impressive. Gang Seo-hae uses her marksmanship and mixed martial arts skills to help fend off the soldiers. As the firefight ends, Gang Seo-hae allows a few soldiers to walk away after they surrender.

Gang Seo-hae and Gang Dong-gi find water, but they soon realise they are at a pool party. Everyone looks at them as they look odd in the establishment. This is evidently a wealthy class of people in a post dystopian world. Suddenly, Gang Seo-hae hears a man say, “Is it the girl or the world?”. The man is Sigma. More soldiers arrive, and Gang Seo-hae and Gang Dong-gi have to escape.

Bong-seon’s warning

In the present day, Bong-seon tells Tae-sul that there are no cars in the future — when he woke up from a coma, he learned there was no country anymore due to war. He explains how he retraced Tae-sul’s steps. Bong-seon warns Tae-sul not to fight because he cannot beat Sigma. Tae-sul insists that this time he will not die and that he wants to beat Sigma. Bong-seon flickers and disappears.

A burned-out Edward Kim

The story has strayed away from Edward Kim, so it’s good to see this character back.

Edward Kim is frustrated with the team who are unable to create Tae-sul’s technology. Tae-sul turns up and mocks him. However, it turns out that Edward Kim is hallucinating, and he looks crazy in front of his employees. He admits to Seo-jin that he’s exhausted; Seo-jin offers to show Edward Kim what’s truly happening.

Meanwhile, Mr Park and his team learn that something is coming through on the Downloader in their location — Asia Mart. A suitcase appears in front of them. When Mr Park opens it, there’s a foul smell in the room.

Tae-sul buys a painting off “Gil-bok”

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 13 sees Sigma’s origin further explored as it is clear at this point that he’s the orchestra to everything that is happening.

As Gil-bok is about to kill himself, he gets a call to say that his self-portrait painting has been sold to Tae-sul. He’s in complete shock and surprise. Suddenly, Tae-sul visits him. Gang Seo-hae comes around the corner and points a gun at him, calling him Seo Won-ju. She asks him to get on his hands and knees. Seo Won-ju apologises to Tae-sul for the mean comments online. Gang Seo-hae wants to kill him because of what Seo Won-ju will do in the future as Sigma. She then has a vision and feels something is wrong. Tae-sul offers to kill him.

No going back for Edward Kim

Episode 13 confirms how deeply engrained Sigma is with powerful politicians as the series takes a sinister turn for Edward Kim.

Seo-jin shows Edward Kim The Control Bureau. He sees the Prime Minister and the ministers, and he’s confused about why they are all getting along. He joins them at a table, and Sigma walks in talking about a missile. Edward Kim is beginning to realise that everything Tae-sul said is true. Sigma welcomes Edward Kim to the table.

Sigma shows them a video feed of Tae-sul pointing a gun at his present self and starts laughing. He rings Tae-sul and asks him why he’s so quiet. Tae-sul reads out negative reviews of his artwork to Sigma. Seo Won-ju is getting increasingly upset. Sigma asks Tae-sul if he met his brother and tells him he must be somewhere. Scenes show Sigma’s men pointing a gun at his unconscious brother — he’s compromised — there’s another reason he cannot kill present-day Sigma; if he does, Gang Seo-hae will disappear. Gang Seo-hae tells Tae-sul not to listen to him and that this is their only chance.

The ending

Tae-sul puts the phone down, and he cannot kill Seo Won-ju. Mr Park then walks in with a package that was downloaded. Inside there is a bloody severed hand, a rifle and a photo of Gang Seo-hae and her father. Sigma cackles at the video feed. Gang Seo-hae is emotional and points the rifle at Seo Won-ju and asks what he did to her father. Tae-sul puts himself in front of the rifle and tries to calm her down. Mr Park tells them both that they are playing into Sigma’s hands; he believes he will never see his family again if Sigma dies. Gang Seo-hae gets emotional, stating that Sigma killed her father.

Sigma remarks that 50 million people are about to die, yet all they care about are their families, which is why they can never be a fair society. The politicians all clap at his claim.

Tae-sul begs Gang Seo-hae not to shoot. Suddenly, Sigma sees a scar on his neck, and he wonders if his present self suffered a wound. Gang Seo-hae pulls the trigger. Interestingly, Sigma holds all the keys to the significant events in the timeline — he’s made himself powerful by having that power and control over characters.

The stakes are higher than ever in Sisyphus: The Myth episode 13 as Sigma’s power and influence are truly revealed for the audience to see.

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