Sisyphus: The Myth episode 14 recap – Tae-sul takes control from Sigma

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 1, 2021
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Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 14


For the penultimate week, episode 14 sets up the final two episodes brilliantly — the ending is in sight, and no one can predict how any of this will end.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Sisyphus: The Myth episode 14 contains significant spoilers.

We are nearing the end — this k-drama keeps the viewers guessing what the ending will be — this is by far one of the most exciting series of the year.

The tense standoff continues; Tae-sul asks Gang Seo-hae to put down the gun, so she doesn’t shoot Seo Won-ju. She pushes Tae-sul to the side and shoots at the camera planted by Sigma. Seo Won-ju runs away, so Gang Seo-hae chases after him. He manages to get away in a taxi. Tae-sul tries ringing Gang Seo-hae, but he can’t get hold of her. Sigma rings Tae-sul and thanks him for allowing him to survive. He asks if he thinks Gang Seo-hae will come back to him. Sigma threatens him and asks Tae-sul to not look into his past again. This really is becoming a Sigma versus Tae-sul storyline.

Sigma tells Edward Kim to create the uploader

Sisyphus: The Myth episode 14 shows easily indoctrinated people are when under the guise of Sigma.

Edward Kim is shocked by the events that he has just seen. In a flashback, Sigma tells Edward Kim that a war will not break out if he makes the uploader. He states if there is a war, the uploader will save people anyway. Sigma agrees to get Tae-sul’s code. Afterwards, Edward Kim is re-energised and starts a new approach with his employees.

Looking for Gang Seo-hae

Tae-sul drives around the city looking for Gang Seo-hae, but he’s struggling– he opens a tin that Bong-seon gave him — Tae-sul opens it and touches the powder inside (it looks like ashes, and judging by the flashes, they are Gang Seo-hae’s) and he suddenly starts flickering; he sees his wedding day, and he’s asked if he wants to save the girl or the world. He suddenly remembers something important about the future. Tae-sul heads home and looks at the CCTV data from Quantum & Time.

Reminiscing at the nuclear bunker

Episode 14 shows yet another trip down memory lane, which feels emotional every single time.

Gang Seo-hae visits their nuclear bunker, and flashbacks show her father Gang Dong-gi looking after her and showing the young Gang Seo-hae how to shoot. As Gang Seo-hae gets older, she becomes a brilliant marksman; her father trained her well. Further scenes show Dong-gi teaching his daughter mixed martial arts. In the present day, Tae-sul finds Gang Seo-hae in the bunker; he reveals he made this place for her family. Tae-sul shows her where medicine, food and armoury is and that the door system is foolproof this time so her mother will make it, unlike before.

Relive a funny and intimate moment between Tae-sul and Gang Seo-hae:

Tae-sul says he can win and asks Gang Seo-hae not to follow him

And then, the fourteenth chapter provides an endgame scenario as Tae-sul makes a significant move in this new world that he has had to learn along the way.

As Tae-sul starts to leave, Gang Seo-hae walks up from behind him and gives a hug. He holds her hand, and they stand peacefully together. They spend time together in bed, looking into each other’s eyes. Afterwards, Gang Seo-hae shows Tae-sul how to use a gun. Tae-sul playfully hugs Gang Seo-hae and asks if they should live in the bunker forever. Gang Seo-hae reminds him that she has nightmares of what happened in this bunker, including her mother dying and the nuclear bomb.

Tae-sul fears they might lose, but Gang Seo-hae says they will try again next time, and they will not stop until they lose. Suddenly, Tae-sul starts flickering, and he locks her in a room so she cannot get to him — he promises he will return when he finishes his mission. He tells her he saw the future and that he can win; he doesn’t want her to follow him. Tae-sul leaves the bunker, and Gang Seo-hae is heartbroken.

Tae-sul tells Sigma that he’s in control now

Episode 14 suggests that Tae-sul has used his brainpower to turn the game on its head, meaning Sigma no longer has control.

The Control Bureau note that Tae-sul is on his own and report to Sigma that Gang Seo-hae isn’t with him. Tae-sul rings Sigma and tells him he will be playing into his hands and Sigma looks spooked. Sigma tells Hwang Hyun-seung to look for Gang Seo-hae.

Hwang Hyun-seung brings Choi Jae-sun to Sigma. Choi Jae-sun remembers Gang Seo-hae telling him that Sigma explodes a nuclear bomb. Sigma tells Choi Jae-sun Gang Seo-hae is going to die because of Tae-sul. He asks him to find Gang Seo-hae and take her out of Korea, so she’s no longer a nuisance. Choi Jae-sun says he can’t trust him. Sigma gives him one last chance to protect his family; Choi Jae-sun asks Sigma to promise that Gang Seo-hae will not be hurt and agrees to find her.

The ending

Tae-sul visits Mr Park and asks for a gun to kill Sigma. He offers him medicine that will last 50 years, so Mr Park gives him a gun and a sniper rifle. Tae-sul whispers something to Mr Park that he finds intriguing. Tae-sul then heads to Quantum & Time offices and tells all the employees to go home before shooting his gun up in the air to panic them. He rings Sigma and asks where he is, and the chapter closes out.

For the penultimate week, Sisyphus: The Myth episode 14 sets up the final two episodes brilliantly — the ending is in sight, and no one can predict how any of this will end.

Additional points
  • Mr Park visits himself in the present day. Present-day Mr Park starts smashing Mr Park’s car, so he reverses. Mr Park’s wife stops the present-day Mr Park. His acquaintance has to intervene and tell present-day Mr Park and his wife to his walk away.
  • Edward Kim arranges Seo-jin to be out of the country for when the nuclear bomb explodes. He wants to stay by her side and offers her an engagement ring.

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