The Serpent episode 7 recap – the authorities close in on Charles

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 1, 2021
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BBC and Netflix series The Serpent episode 7


Episode 7 is a breakthrough chapter as Charles Sobhraj runs out of opportunities to maintain his lifestyle, while Marie-Andrée struggles to contain her guilt.

This recap of the BBC and Netflix series The Serpent episode 7 contains spoilers. The drama is already out in the UK on the BBC, but it will be released on Netflix on April 2, 2021.

Everything feels like the beginning of the end in the penultimate chapter of The Serpent. 

Episode 7 begins on May 1, 1976, in Paris. Charles and Marie-Andrée are starting their new life, and this time, without Ajay. Herman speaks to French authorities and tries to tell them about the Frenchmen and the Canadian accomplice. He gives them the address to Charles’s mother. However, they cannot help him due to different jurisdictions. The episode then moves to Bangkok. Nadine and Remi argue their case against Charles and Marie-Andrée to the French Embassy, but they also come against complications, including the fact that Nadine helped forge a passport so Dominique could escape. It shows that international crime is a difficult beast, and it’s no wonder countries struggle to retrieve persons of interest when it comes to crime.

Stephane hasn’t heard from Vitali

Six months earlier — Paris; Stephane meets her mother and introduces her daughter Cleo. She’s apologetic for not seeing her for so long and asks for forgiveness. She talks about Vitali in Bangkok; she’s worried as she hasn’t heard from him. In Bangkok, Vitali is at Kanit House, and he talks to Marie-Andrée about his family and encourages her to start making children with Charles. Feeling jealous that the pair got close, Charles feeds him medicine to make him sick. Stephane visits the Kanik House and asks Marie-Andrée if she’s seen her husband. Charles talks to her and explains that Vitali didn’t stay long. Stephane notices Vitali’s necklace is on Ajay, but Charles calms her down and asks Marie-Andrée to bring her some tea — of course, it has that deadly medicine inside.

No matter how you look at this, Marie-Andrée is a violent accomplice.

Herman and the gang believe it is over.

The Serpent episode 7 shows how exhaustion got to Herman and the others, and it is no surprise; this was a hard case.

Six months later; Nadine is frustrated and tells Herman that she’s sick of his plans and promises. She feels like they have lost and that it will never end. Paul Siemons believes it’s over and they are done — he asks Herman and Angela to let it go because Charles is gone. Herman feels responsible, but his wife reassures him.

Meeting mother

In an eery scene, Charles’s mother comes into the equation; the story is going full circle for these characters.

Charles introduces Marie-Andrée to his mother, Phung, and they confirm they are engaged. Marie-Andrée looks at a photo of Madhu, Charles’s daughter. Phung says it’s a tragedy while looking intently at her son. The conversation turns to Charles’s stepfather, and Phung says Charles was hard to love. Charles becomes frustrated and wants to leave. As they leave, Phung warns Marie-Andrée that she will never have a normal life with him and that she made the same mistake with Charles’s father. Marie-Andrée waits outside — Phung tells Charles to be careful as he’s 33, and Jesus Christ died at 33.

Taking it to the paper

The Serpent episode 7 sees Herman taking a desperate risk, but it turns the tide in the story.

Herman wants people to know the truth and asks to speak to the editor of The Bangkok Post — Mr Stanton. He tells him the facts are wrong about the murders in the newspaper. Mr Stanton warns Herman about releasing the stories, but he says he’s done being polite about it.

The next day, Herman’s story is released. Thai Interpol visits Herman about the story and wants His materials. Paul Siemons tells Angela that Herman has ruined his career forever to catch one murderer. There’s a lot of pressure for this to go right.

Marie-Andrée wants to know what happened with Stephane.

Charles finds his daughter Madhu and ex-wife Juliette. He spies on them from a car. When he returns to the hotel, Marie-Andrée asks what he did to Stephane and her Turkish husband. Charles asks if Marie-Andrée is willing to forget. She presses him and wonders where he took Stephane. Marie-Andrée wants him to swear on Madhu’s life that he didn’t make her child into an orphan. This is a demon that tortures Marie-Andrée’s mind — when it comes to children, the guilt overthrows her.

The business deal

Charles and Marie-Andrée meet Boeder for a business meeting regarding the stones. The story then takes a turn regarding a newspaper story and how they were both murder suspects internationally. Charles calls the story a lie. Mr Boeder agrees to buy the stones. After the meeting, Marie-Andrée asks Charles how she can forget their story if the world cannot. She brings up Stephane again; flashbacks show Charles and Ajay dealing with Stephane. Charles describes to a disorientated Stephane what they did to her husband, Vitali.

Marie-Andrée speaks to Phung

At this point, it’s dawning on Marie-Andrée that she’s in a vicious circle — a never-ending nightmare that circles pleasure, love, guilt and passion. However, the guilt is taking a toll.

Marie-Andrée visits Charles’ mother, Phung; the mother shows a photo of Charles’s half-brother, Guy; he’s still in prison after Charles seduced him to participate in a violent robbery. As they looked alike, Charles proposed with Guy that they swap identities. Phung tells Marie-Andrée that Charles always lies. Afterwards, Marie-Andrée sees magazines of her and Charles and what they are accused of in the city. Meanwhile, Charles spies on his daughter Madhu again; he visits Juliette, and she’s in complete shock. Juliette tells him that she’s married and asks him to go. Charles grabs her hand anyway and tells her he loves her and that Marie-Andrée is nothing to him. Juliette tells him that there is no future, and she feels sorry for Marie-Andrée.

Charles asks Juliette to tell him that she doesn’t love him and moves closer to her. Juliette tells him to leave Paris while he still has a chance.

The city is closing in on Charles and Marie-Andrée

Episode 7 brings a breakthrough moment as Herman finally achieves success.

Interpol tells Herman and Angela that they have no idea how Stephane died. They are getting closer to real authoritative action. An Interpol Investigator interviews Nadine and Remi.

Interpol heads to Phung’s house. The mother reveals that her son’s real name is Charles Sobhraj. Meanwhile, Marie-Andrée is in tears, asking Charles why he lied to her. She calls him a murderer. Charles tells her that it was Ajay who orphaned Stephane’s child and strangled the mother. He starts listing all the other murders — he warns her that she will be sent to Bangkok, where there is a death penalty — he states she is a killer too. Meanwhile, in Bangkok, Interpol is going through the lists of murders, and there’s an official arrest warrant on Charles. Herman and everyone are relieved. They’ve finally made it to this crucial step.

The ending

Charles and Marie-Andrée flee Paris. Charles tells Marie-Andrée that they will not end up in jail. He asks her to start again. She follows him inside — once again, she follows him wherever he goes.

The Serpent episode 7 is a breakthrough chapter as Charles Sobhraj runs out of opportunities to maintain his lifestyle, while Marie-Andrée struggles to contain her guilt.

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