Into the Beat ending explained – did Katya follow her dreams?

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 16, 2021 (Last updated: March 5, 2024)
the ending of the Netflix film Into the Beat

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Into the Beat, so it will contain major spoilers.

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Throughout the Netflix film, Katya finds herself conflicted by her family legacy and her newfound passion for hip hop dancing. Coupled with the fact that she’s madly fallen in love with her dance partner Marlon, the lead character is in a whirlwind of good and bad moments.

Like many films that follow this dance genre, the lead character has to make a choice, and in this case, it’s whether she continues the family legacy of ballet or audition for The Tigers, a hip-hop group readying to go on a tour. Decisions, decisions.

Netflix’s Into the Beat – the ending explained

Realising that hip hop gives her a burning passion from within, Katya finds herself feeling guilty facing her father — he’s a famous ballet dancer who has recently had an on-stage accident, meaning he cannot dance for the rest of his life. There’s pressure for Katya to carry on the legacy and audition for a prestigious New York establishment for ballet.

When Katya confronts her father and explains she wants to drop ballet and audition for The Tigers, he rejects her idea. The problem is, for Katya to join The Tigers, she needs parental consent.

Katya has to face Marlon, and she explains that she has to do ballet, which leads to an emotional fall-out between them. The pair have fallen in love with each other, making the situation harder.

What happens next?

In the end, Katya forcing herself to do something she doesn’t want to do spills over into a rage of anger, and she starts breaking items in the family home. She realises that she needs to fight for what she wants. Katya reminds her father of the importance of dancing — the love and passion for it — a message he gave her when she was a young girl. Katya’s words have a massive impact because her father suddenly signs the consent form.

Into the Beat then provides a sweet ending — Katya and Marlon audition. Katya’s father watches — the lead character mixes her experience with ballet with her new hip hop dancing skills, which brings a formidable routine with her and Marlon. Afterwards, Marlon and Katya learn they got into The Tigers.

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