Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 5 recap – “Show Me Who You Are”

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 23, 2021
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Netflix series Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 5 - Show Me Who You Are


Episode 5 proves to be a pivotal chapter as a twist is revealed that veers the story in a different direction.

This recap of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 5, “Show Me Who You Are”, contains spoilers.

Episode 5 begins at the Outskirts of Chernast, First Army Camp. Mal turns up injured, and soldiers rush to help him. Meanwhile, The Crows turn up at the Little Palace as part of a variety act team. Kaz is dressed up as one of the Royal Guards. As for Alina, Genya introduces her to David Kostyk, the expert resident Fabrikator — he is going to help her with a demonstration in front of the Royals. Alina believes she will be okay without the help. “Show Me Who You Are” establishes where each character and their objectives for the chapter.

Get the Sun Summoner and escape

Kaz infiltrates the Little Palace and plans a way to get to the Sun Summoner and escape. Alina is curious about the variety act and heads outside to look at it. Jesper is nearby and hears Alina talking to Genya. Alina is quickly escorted back inside. Jesper updates the others. Kaz talks about getting through a door with a Grisha lock — the Conductor has a solution. Kaz wants the Conductor to grab the Sun Summoner while the rest pave a clearance to escape.

The sense of adventure from The Crows is welcoming in the story.

Team Alina and Kirigan

And for a brief while, viewers will be pulling their hair out with Team Alina and Mal under jeopardy.

Kirigan checks up on Alina — she insists she isn’t nervous any more about the demonstration — she knows where she belongs now and feels she is part of something greater. Kirigan hints at his romantic intentions again, and Alina kisses him. The pair smile as they look at each other.

The demonstration

The evening event at the Little Palace begins. Kirigan is mesmerised by Alina. The Crows stand by and continue plotting so they can kidnap Alina. Alina heads to the stage, and Kirigan introduces her to the audience — he claps his hands to darken tbe room; Alina forms her powers and lights up the room, which amazes the audience. The demonstration moves Inej. Afterwards, the King’s assistant tells Alina that she will grow even more dangerous — he tells her that the faith will grow, which will topple and create new empires.

There’s simmering darkness that Alina does not truly understand yet.

Delivering news of the Stag

Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 5 shows that the pull of love is the significant factor in this story as Mal refuses to give up on Alina. The separation has hurt the character.

Mal insists that he found the Stag, so he should be the one that delivers the news to General Kirigan. He heads to the Little Palace late in the night and asks if he can speak to the General. Kirigan meets Mal, and he knows who he is. Mal insists he found the right mythical Stag. He refuses to mark on the map where the Stag is until he sees Alina — he proves how much he knows her by describing her favourite flower. Meanwhile, Baghra is alerted that someone has found the Stag, and she’s alarmed — she doesn’t want Kirigan to have that power.

Kaz continues to plot around

When Alina returns to her room, The Conductor moves up behind her and says, ” this is from General Zlatan”, and slices her neck. Genya enters the room, and The Conductor shoots her before being arrested. It’s revealed that it wasn’t Alina — it was a decoy. Kaz planned for the Conductor to go after the double. Kaz and Inej dress as guards escort and Alina to dinner. Kirigan arrives and takes Alina off them.

The truth about Kirigan

And then a twist arrives that’s probably known by those aware of the source material.

Mal is attacked by one of the guards that told Baghra about the Stag. He fights the guard off. Meanwhile, Kirigan takes Alina to a private room, and the pair kiss again. This time there is more passion, and they intend to have sex, but then there’s a knock on the door. Kirigan is alerted of an attack, so he has to leave. Baghra enters and tells her to leave immediately — she implies that Kirigan is not safe and intends to expand the Fold as he did years ago. Alina is confused, believing the Black Heretic created the Fold hundreds of years ago by mistake. Baghra tells Alina that Kirigan is the Black Heretic and reveals herself to be his mother. Kirigan has faked countless deaths to find the Sun Summoner.

Baghra gives Alina a tunnel as an escape route where there will be food storage for her until there’s a plan.

This felt like a worthwhile twist and happens at the right time in the story. You have to feel sorry for Alina, who is slowly learning she cannot trust anyone.

The ending

Kaz ends up followed by an Inferni, and Inej helps him fight him off. Kaz and Inej tell Jesper that they have lost Alina. However, Jesper seems to know where she is.

Kirigan looks for Alina, but Baghra tells him she knows of his mission to use Alina against the rest of the world. He tells his mother that Alina is the future.

Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 5 proves to be a pivotal chapter as a twist is revealed that veers the story in a different direction.

Additional points
  • Genya has a crush on David Kostyk.
  • During the infiltration, Jesper hooks up with a man named Dima.

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