Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 6 recap – “The Heart is an Arrow”

By Daniel Hart
Published: April 23, 2021
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Netflix series Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 6 - The Heart is an Arrow


Tensions increase as episode 6 mounts up an Alina versus Kirigan storyline while the other characters influence and contemplate their objectives.

This recap of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 6, “The Heart is an Arrow”, contains spoilers.

With plenty of plot to chew on in the last chapter, “The Heart is an Arrow” becomes all about finding Alina — she’s hot property.

Episode 6 opens with Arken under interrogation from Kirigan. He claims he knows nothing about The Crows and that he had been hoodwinked, but he’s caught in a lie. Kirigan is not in the mood and calls him “The Conductor”. He asks him about Nina and how she was meant to meet him and The Crows and believes it has something to do with them that she’s disappeared. The Conductor reveals he was offered a prize to kill the Sun Summoner by General Zlatan and offers to help Kirigan — however, he refuses his help and kills him. Afterwards, Kirigan learns that the Fjerdan soldiers captured Nina.

We are now seeing the true Kirigan after his mother exposed him to the audience.

The Crows “offer to help” Alina

Alina is hidden at the back of a carriage. When she leaves it, she’s met by The Crows. They offer to help her to go through a secure route via the Fold. Alina doesn’t want their help and uses her powers to scare them away. Inej does very little to stop her.

Afterwards, Inej tells Kaz that Alina is the real Sun Summoner and that this is not only a money mission now — she is overawed that the prophecy has come true. However, with Kaz frustrated at her, she learns that they may lose The Crow Club to Heleen.

Nina saves Matthias, and they swim together

Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 6 offers an intriguing side plot between a Grisha and a Drùskelle — two different races that detest each other.

Nina struggles as she has been swept to the sea; the ship she was captured on did not make it. She helps Matthias, who was nearly dead. Matthias is struggling with the fact that a Grisha saved him. They find their way to land, and Matthias is shocked that Nina can speak Fjerdan.

Later on, in freezing temperatures, they need to strip their clothes off as they are wet. They both get into bed to rely on each other’s body temperature. Nina puts her hand on his chest and feels his heart quickly beat.

Mal finds Alina

Episode 6 moves to Ryevost, East Ravka. Alina scopes out the markets. She cannot buy anything as they see her as Shu. Alina ends up in an altercation with interested soldiers looking for her and has to run away. She ends up hiding, and Mal finds her, which is a welcome surprise. Audiences will be relieved that both characters finally found each other.

Kirigan wants Alina and Alina only

Zoya brings a theory to Kirigan of the possibility that Alina ran away and that she was not abducted. Kirigan doesn’t buy this theory. Zoya makes a move on Kirigan to try and relax him; however, his mind is solely on Alina.

A tense conversation then quickly softens

After waiting for both of these characters to be reunited, audiences will be warmed by how nervous and intimate they are around each other, despite their misunderstandings.

Mal takes Alina to a safe place. It’s clear neither of them got each other’s letters. They argue about Alina being a Grisha, but Alina argues if she had tested when younger, they’d have been split up. Mal admits he has been trying to get back to her and found the Stag because of her drawings. Alina reveals Kirigan used her to find the Stag — it’s an amplifier that can rival his power. Eventually, the conversations soften and the pair hug. Alina thanks him for finding her.

Later on, Alina sees that Mal is cold and injured, so she generates her power between them. Mal tells her he isn’t scared of her, but Alina believes she’s seen it in his eyes. Mal looks at her and says, “I see you now”.

The Crows are found

“The Heart is an Arrow” sees that The Crows adventurous charm is beginning to run out of pace as it’s clear it’s not only about money anymore.

Zoya and Kirigan continue their investigations and find The Crows. Jesper has to fight off one of his men. Inej kills Polina, who threatens her family and entire heritage (however, she did kill Polina’s son at the Little Palace). Eventually, Kirigan finds Kaz, and he asks for the whereabouts of Alina. When Kaz provides no information, Kirigan uses his powers on him, but Kaz uses a flash bomb to escape.

Alina wants to find the Stag

Purpose has been at the forefront of this story, and “The Heart is an Arrow” sees Alina finally understanding what she must have to do.

In the morning, Alina carefully treats Mal’s wound. Mal describes how his companions died behind enemy lines. He wishes he could speak to their families so he can tell them of their bravery. The conversation turns to the Stag, and Mal states he only showed Kirigan a broad area of the map. Alina wants to head north and find the Stag before Kirigan does. She believes the amplifier (the Stag) is strong enough to destroy the Fold.

Matthias likes a Grisha

Nina and Matthias continue to argue and tease each other and highlight their differences. The pair continue travelling, but Matthias cannot relax; Nina believes he’s scared because he likes her, which is confusing for him as she’s a Grisha. Matthias admits he likes her and wonders if she’s messing with his insides using witchery. The pair play with each other, but then suddenly, Nina accidentally falls into broken ice and down a hole. Matthias helps her up and saves her, which is a significant moment. Matthias’s feelings for Nina will likely have reverberations later.

The ending.

Mal and Alina continue to travel together. It suddenly dawns on Alina that Kirigan will not stop hunting her as she’s his only threat. Mal tells Alina that he wants to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Kirigan continues to ask questions of the locals — he learns Mal was also looking for her. He believes Alina is going after the Stag — he’s absolutely right.

Tensions increase as Shadow and Bone season 1, episode 6 mounts up an Alina versus Kirigan storyline while the other characters influence and contemplate their objectives.

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