The Innocent episode 6 recap – the past catches up with everyone

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 30, 2021 (Last updated: December 1, 2023)
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The Innocent episode 6 recap - the past catches up with everyone


All roads lead back to Marbella as we race towards the end of the season, but everyone’s past is close behind.

This recap of The Innocent episode 6 contains spoilers.

Now that we know Teo is the sadistic Number 27The Innocent episode 6 opens with some background on him, from his point of view. Of course, we already know that he was assigned to go undercover in Aníbal’s operation, but what we didn’t know is that he had a particular weakness for women. Before long, lured by the pleasures of El Paraiso, he was lying about his investigation in order to spend more time there, and eventually donning a mask to live out all his wildest fantasies. He has been trying to cover up what happened there ever since, and what he has learned thus far proves to him that the only man who could possibly expose him is Aníbal. Nobody else knows his identity or saw his face. He’s almost in the clear.

Mat, meanwhile, is out of options, so he turns to one of the only people he still has left — Sonia. Jaime, though, who apparently didn’t kill himself when I thought he did, realizes she’s on the phone to Mat and tells him he’s calling the police. What a snitch.

Lorena, meanwhile, isn’t letting any of this go, and she’s still focused on Mat. She wants to speak to the warden of the prison at the time he was there, but Crespo also lets her know that Jaime reported Mat’s contact with Sonia. The police are still linking him to the deaths of Ibai and Gallardo, which Teo and Bruno explain to Olivia as they’re trying to get her to cooperate. They also tell her about Mat being in the same prison as Aníbal, which she obviously wasn’t aware of. She hasn’t heard of the incident with Manuel Romero while he was inside either. Olivia wants immunity for her and Mat — Teo brought the paperwork with him, anticipating this — and in exchange, she gives him the other key to Emma’s deposit box, which was hidden in the fish tank all along. Teo sends Bruno to the bank to verify that the tapes are there.

Lorena goes to see the prison warden in The Innocent episode 6, but she doesn’t get the answers she was expecting. The warden doesn’t think Mat killed Romero, and he thinks his former cellmate Aranda is just looking for his 15 minutes of fame — which, given all the media attention surrounding Mat, he’s getting. Lorena gets a call from Baltierre, though, who wants to discuss something urgent and private with her, so she hasn’t hit a dead end quite yet.

At the bank, Bruno opens the deposit box and finds the tapes, which he reports to Teo. Teo calls Prieto telling her the box was empty and he needs her help to find Mat, who is currently the only loose end and at that moment is on a flight, a lady he kindly helped through security having just dobbed him in to the police after seeing his face on the news. She tells them he’s going to Málaga.

When Lorena goes to see Baltierre, she’s furious about her withholding information, but she’s evidently willing to talk now since she explains about putting Paula up for adoption a few months before she took Emma in, and then Paula herself turning up at the orphanage years later, having been led there by Baltierre’s name on her adoption papers. Emma, though, left Baltierre a message to be delivered in the event something happened to her, and it’s addressed to Olivia Costa.

Speaking of Olivia, at that moment she sees Teo crack his knuckles and realizes he’s Number 27. She immediately heads for the bathroom to retrieve her gun, but he has his own drawn. In a tense moment, both of them aim at each other through the closed door. She kicks open the door and opens fire, but he’s already out of the way. Bruno returns right in the middle of the standoff. Olivia shouts at him that Teo is Number 27, and tells him to check the tape, which he inexplicably decides to crouch down and slowly do in the middle of the room. Teo shoots him in the head. A shootout ensues, and Olivia is able to escape with the tapes and lose Teo in traffic. He’s able to track her phone, though, and overhear her reporting what she knows to Lorena. Teo is able to disconnect the call before she’s able to tell Lorena where she is, though, and he calls Prieto to spin the story that the tapes were in Olivia’s house all along and she’s trying to frame him.

When Mat lands in Málaga, he’s immediately arrested at gunpoint. SCU is able to track the plates of the car Olivia stole to a warehouse district, but when Teo arrives, the car is empty and both Olivia and the tapes are gone. The warehouse yard is full of Arcos delivery drugs, and Olivia is in the back of one. All the trucks were heading to Marbella, which is where Teo is heading next.

Olivia heads to the location where she was supposed to meet with Paula, which turns out to be a strip club. She asks at the bar, but nobody has left her a message or anything. As she’s about to leave, an “incomparable Paraiso legend” takes the stage — a strung-out Kimmy, drinking wine from the bottle on stage, missing several fingers, and clearly addicted to God-knows-what. Olivia cries at the sight of her. But she heads backstage to talk with her, and The Innocent episode 6 ends with them tearfully embracing.

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