The Innocent episode 7 recap – all roads converge

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: April 30, 2021 (Last updated: December 1, 2023)
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The Innocent episode 7 recap - all roads converge


A solid penultimate episode delivers a few more twists and ups the body count just in time for the finale.

This recap of The Innocent episode 7 contains spoilers.

Well, in case you were wondering how Kimmy lost her fingersThe Innocent episode 7 wastes no time in letting you know. Turns out, Teo cut them off while torturing her for information about the whereabouts of Emma and Aníbal — information we know she never had. The opening narration gives us a brief summary of Kimmy’s life since then, which has been bleak, to say the least. Traumatized, mutilated, and consumed by guilt over being unable to protect Candance, who she assumed was dead, she turned to the bottle, and pills and powder, and degrading herself once again for leering customers since every other door she tried to open was slammed in her face. It’s a sad story, but with Candance’s reappearance, maybe her nightmare has come to an end. Ha!

Olivia, fearing this is all a trap, goes with Kimmy to her place, leaving word with one of the fellow dancers, Lucia (Paloma Otero), to look out for Mat, who’s still in custody. Teo, meanwhile, is on his way, and Lorena is getting nowhere with trying to convince people that it might have actually been Teo who shot Bruno.

Kimmy’s place turns out to be a roadside caravan. There, she tells Olivia that Paula came to her after being told by the orphanage that Olivia was dead — if that’s true, then Gallardo’s spiel about the kidney transplant was all nonsense and this is just a setup. Kimmy suggests she tries calling the number that asked to meet her in the square, which she does with Kimmy’s phone since the SCU disconnected hers. She writes the number down and Kimmy calls it but gets no answer.

With help from Zoe, Lorena figures out Teo is on his way to Málaga, so she jumps on the next flight. He gets there first, though, and interviews Mat in the jail. Pretending to be looking out for Olivia’s best interests, Teo asks him where she was supposed to be going, and he agrees to tell him on the proviso that he takes him along. He agrees. On the way, they discuss what happened that fateful night of the party, and with Romero. Teo suggests it isn’t a coincidence that anyone who bothers Mat gets their head smashed in, which is fair, but maybe he just has terrible luck.

When we rejoin Kimmy and Olivia in The Innocent episode 7, they decide to use a payphone to try and call the number, and this time they get through… and Kimmy’s phone rings. This isn’t an entirely unexpected twist. Olivia, who reveals she is pregnant, hence the nausea earlier, has been poisoned by Kimmy’s spiked tea, and as she begins to fade away, Kimmy explains that she had hired Gallardo to find out what happened to Candance, and that when Paula arrived on her doorstep, got in touch with him again. Once she learned that Candance was never really dead, she set the events in motion to enact her revenge on Emma and Olivia for leaving her to rot in Marbella.

When Mat and Teo arrive at the meeting spot, Lucia directs them to Kimmy’s trailer. Teo goes inside and sees the mugs of tea and Kimmy’s mobile number on the Post-It note. He calls it. He tells Kimmy he has something she might be interested in and takes Mat to meet with her. Kimmy leads him to the trunk of her car, where the tapes are, and he removes Number 27. He takes it with him and tells Mat that Kimmy will take him to Olivia. Elsewhere, Lorena has arrived, and Zoe is leading her to the scene. Teo drives away as Mat heads inside to be locked in a container by Kimmy. It has see-through plastic panels, and through them, he can see an empty chair. I’m sure it will be filled before long.

As Teo smugly drives away, Lorena intercepts him and holds him at gunpoint, forcing him to handcuff himself to the car. She takes tape 27 from him, and the rest. Uniformed officers arrive as Teo pulls his own gun, but despite his fervent attempts to get them to free him, the uniforms believe Lorena. Teo has run out of road. Fearing that his daughter will find out what he did, he commits suicide, bringing back Lorena’s childhood trauma with her own father. Still, I reckon Teo deserved it more.

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