Selena: The Series season 2, episode 9 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 4, 2021
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Selena: The Series season 2, episode 9 - When All the World is Sleeping - the ending explained


Episode 9 brings sentiment and tragedy as it wraps up the legendary singer’s life. This series has been “hit and miss”, but it at least provided the emotional outlet in its finale.

This recap of Netflix’s Selena: The Series season 2, episode 9, “When All the World is Sleeping” — the ending explained — contains spoilers.

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The finale of season 2 opens with Selena singing to an adoring crowd — she’s absolutely loved. Abraham still wants the singer to play in small towns as well as big venues. Afterward, Selena expresses that things are so much harder now without Yolanda, who has been removed from the business after suspected fraud. Scenes show Yolanda leaving a voicemail, and she’s absolutely distraught, claiming she did nothing wrong.

Episode 9 brings this murky shadow closing in on the story. The inveitable is drawing closer.

Family planning

Selena’s intense life with fans continues as she wakes up one morning with adoring supporters in her living room — Chris thought they were family. After they leave, Selena is bemused that Chris thought they were cousins and states that it’s time for them to move homes. The couple is planning on starting a family. They look at a spot of land that can be a family home and a farm. Selena wants five children.

Selena tells her sister and mother that she’s trying for a baby. There’s plenty of excitement about what could have been.

Yolanda claims she needs help

With Yolanda no longer helping, Selena is up late doing accounts and taxes for the boutique side of her business. There’s a mountain of work to do, and the singer is clearly stressed. She receives a phone call from Yolanda, and she answers — Selena wants the remaining documents and perfume samples. Yolanda claims she’s been attacked by two men and wants Selena’s help — Selena offers to help take her to the hospital.

That fateful morning

Episode 9 then brings the audience that fateful morning — it proves that one decision in a person’s life can change everything. Yolanda and her obsession were underestimated.

The next morning, Selena heads out to see Yolanda. When she takes Yolanda to the hospital, the doctor tells her there’s no evidence of trauma on her body, and Selena is furious, calling her a liar. Yolanda states she is telling the truth, but Selena wants her items. Meanwhile, A.B and Abraham wait for Selena at the studio.

Yolanda continues to sob and apologize, but Selena insists she wants her things, so they head to Yolanda’s place. When Selena heads in, a gunshot can be heard. Sinister music plays over the seemingly innocent day as the beloved star is dangerously wounded. A cleaner nearby hears the gunshot. A.B and his father go out for breakfast, unaware of what’s happened to Selena.

Tragic news

In the ambulance, Selena struggles and flatlines — flashbacks of her life appear. When A.B and Abraham return to the studios, they hear about the incident and rush to the hospital. Abraham rushes towards the hospital building, but they will not let him, stating they are doing everything they can. But it’s over — Selena is dead. It sends shockwaves around the country. Yolanda is clearly the killer.

One month later and A.B sits in the studio and plays Selena’s new song and begins to sob. He imagines her in the studio, singing away. It’s a new song that no one in the family had heard until now — “Dreaming of You”. Chris curls up on the bed and listens to his wife’s song.

The ending

Six months later, and Suzette tells a class of students to finish high school — she claims that her sister inspired her to go out there and get her qualifications. Years later, A.B is on a coach with the band The Kumbia Kings. He remembers arguing with Selena over a burger of his that she wanted to eat, and he smiles. In a store selling Selena merchandise, there’s an old interview playing on television, and the interviewer asks Selena how she wants to be remembered. She says, “As not just an entertainer, but as a person that cared a lot. Somebody who wanted to be a role model”.

Episode 9 ends with Selena and her band performing.

Selena: The Series season 2, episode 9 brings sentiment and tragedy as it wraps up the legendary singer’s life. This series has been “hit and miss”, but it at least provided the emotional outlet in its finale.

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