Mythic Quest season 2, episode 3 recap – what happened in “#YumYum”?

May 14, 2021
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Episode 3 puts egos on the line, with a few characters struggling to find their place.

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Episode 3 puts egos on the line, with a few characters struggling to find their place.

This recap of Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest season 2, episode 3, “#YumYum,” contains significant spoilers. 

The dysfunctional workplace continues in episode 3, “#YumYum” as Ian and Poppy need to put their ideas forward for the game extension — remember, in the last episode, Poppy managed to hustle a new development team.

Brad holds a meeting with Ian, Poppy, and David about making a “Battle Royale” for their game. He explains that every game is doing it; however, Ian and Poppy protest against the idea. David wants an update on the “Titan’s Rift” expansion; Ian and Poppy tell him that they are making progress as they are doing everything separately. David is worried about this approach and links it to his single life, but Poppy says they are stronger than they have ever been. It seems to be triggering David’s single-life insecurity because he thinks Ian and Poppy’s partnership is volatile.

Publisher problems

C.W. Longbottom video calls Jo and Brad and tells them his publisher is trying to suck out his life work because he hasn’t written his final installment — they sent him a breach of contract. Jo heads to the publisher director to represent Longbottom — she asks for a six-month extension; the director tells her that the third book was due in 1982 — this was an “oh, s**t” situation.

Jo heads into the toilets to talk to Longbottom about the legal problem, and she realizes that the writer is her “greatest strength.” She returns to the director with a kinder approach and renegotiates — she thanks him for all his help and tells him that Longbottom wants to promote adaptations and movies. Jo talks about the controversies within recent publications and authors and asks for a new contract.

David’s single woes

David tries to speak to Jo and Brad about his dating life. Brad tells Jo that David should present himself as a loot box, but really he is filled with garbage. He offers to help David out by launching a “divorce dance party” mobile game (his obsession with mobile gaming continues). He even fails at a dating game at first. Eventually, David manages to get a woman back to his place in the game. When he celebrates, Brad reveals he was talking to two women (Carol and Sue) and a man behind a wall.

The exercise brings down David’s self-esteem as Carol and Sue tell him they wouldn’t go near him. Brad tells him he should apply what they did on the game to a woman in real life, but it’s too late; he’s already downbeat. However, later on, Brad tells David that he’s found a date for him from a very rural area.

The self-defeating, self-loathing, and workplace-thirsty character continues to make us laugh.

Ian wants confrontation and tension

It seems Ian is feeling slightly bored in episode 3 — he wants to be challenged.

Ian is irked that the work is perfect and under budget with the development team — he wants a fight with the developers organically. He feels like something does not feel right as they are delivering everything he asks. Ian recruits Rachel for help and tells her he wants her to be herself after having a lack of confrontations in the office.

Poppy is stressed!

Poppy is getting stressed that she has nothing to show for Stagegate in Montreal and flips out at her new team. Dana intervenes in the meeting and calls Poppy a genius, and tells her she wants to be a developer like her. She adds Dana to her team after massaging her ego. Late in the evening, Poppy is worried that Ian is way ahead with the expansion — she wants one good idea to buy herself some time. In the distance, she sees Brad with a mug that says, “Battle Royale.”

The ending

As we edge closer to the end of the episode, Ian asks Poppy to move back into the office so they can try and work together again. However, Ian soon learns that she’s launching “Battle Royale.” She tells Ian that they were on a professional break, but Ian is furious, believing she did best for her, not for the game. They argue, and Ian has what he wants — tension and genuine confrontation.

Mythic Quest season 2, episode 3 puts egos on the line, with a few characters struggling to find their place.

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