Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: May 19, 2021
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Netflix series Who Killed Sara season 2, episode 8 - I Killed Sara - the ending explained


Some viewers will be happy, while others will be frustrated as Who Killed Sara? brings an exciting season 2 finale but leaves the main question unanswered in a final twist.

This recap of Netflix’s Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 8, “I Killed Sara,” — the ending explained — contains spoilers. 

Well, just as we are led to believe that this will be the final season after an exciting penultimate chapter, it appears we were duped as the writers of Who Killed Sara? decides to throw one last cliffhanger to make us believe there may be more to this story. Did we need more of this story? I’m assuming the viewership will help.

Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 8 opens with Sara and friends at Alex’s house — there’s a storm outside, but everyone is in a giddy move. Sara heads to her bedroom and plays with the sculpture she stole from Nicandro’s house. Suddenly, she hears something downstairs. She sees a camcorder on the table and starts recording. Abel Martinez appears, and Sara asks why he didn’t tell her that Marifer is her sister. Flashback scenes show Abel raping Sara’s mother. Sara gets distressed, but Abel asks for money and threatens to kill her like he killed his wife…Cristina. In the present day, Nicandro and Alex are listening to the tape found in the sculpture — Sara kept the camcorder recording when Abel confronted her.

The flashback continues — Abel will not leave Sara alone, and he starts attacking her; Sara locks herself in her bedroom and rings Rodolfo but Cesar answers; she asks for help.

Marifer wants to talk, but Alex plays the tape

In the present day, Elisa enters Alex’s house, and they are reunited properly — they have missed each other. Marifer enters, and she looks bothered about seeing Alex and Elisa together. She’s equally irked by Nicandro’s presence. Alex knows she is Diana the Huntress. Marifer’s attention turns to the Abel tape on the television. Marifer tells Alex that his sister was crazy, but Alex plays the tape. The flashback returns, and Abel tells Sara to be quiet as Cesar enters the house. This leads them outside, and Cesar has no choice but to shoot Abel as he’s about to stab Sara.

Marifer, the sister 

But this changes everything in the story — Marifer knows that the Lazcano family nor Sara were involved in the disappearance (and now murder) of her mother. Episode 8 throws twist after twist.

Marifer is in disbelief at the tape, and tears flow down her face — she can’t believe Sara is her sister, and the Lazcano’s had nothing to do with the disappearance of her mother. Then, in a flashback at Valle, Marifer tells Sara that she’s alone and hasn’t seen her father for a couple of weeks — she’s exhausted from looking after her sister and wants help. Sara tells Marifer that she doesn’t care, but Marifer grabs her and explains that she knows she’s crazy and all her secrets — she tells her to live her life and get on the parachute before she has a baby because she will always be alone. Meanwhile, Elroy is about to cut the rope of the parachute, but then Nicandro shows up, so he drops the knife. Sara also picks up the knife, but Nicandro distracts her — Marifer continues to spy.

Who killed Sara? We finally find out, but we were deceived 

In the present, Marifer is distraught, but Alex tells her she has been looking for the culprit in the wrong place. Marifer walks out, upset. In a flashback, Marifer is the one that cut the rope with a knife — Marifer killed Sara, or at least she believes she did, after what we learned at the ending of this episode.

Another tragedy

When Marifer returns home, Clara warns her that Mariana is coming over — Marifer is in a complicated situation — she planned all this, but she was after the wrong people. Mariana explains to Marifer that she knows about her plans after Clara told her and that she would have never hurt her mother, Cristina. Marifer grabs a gun but ends up fighting with her sister over it — Marifer accidentally shoots and kills her sister.

It’s getting from bad to worse for Marifer — she will now believe she is responsible for the murder of two sisters in her life. Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 8 refuses to give her a break.

Chema settles some debts 

Chema deals with another tragedy as he visits Clara’s body at the morgue — Clara died along with his child. Alex heads to the morgue and apologizes to him for what’s happened — he tells Chema that he’s not alone. Afterward, Chema heads to the police station and tells officer Morales that he’s there to settle a debt — he tells her he killed Moncho and confesses to murdering Abel Martinez and burying the body in Alex’s yard 18 years ago. He’s confessing to the second murder even though he didn’t do it, but he promised to pay Alex back for what the Lazcano family did to him.

This is a full-circle moment, and it’s tragic really that the family member that fought for Alex the most in the past was the one that had to pay the debt. The ending of Who Killed Sara? season 2 brings plenty of ironies.

The end of the Lazcano family 

Alex sees Elisa on the CCTV at the casino with loads of fuel and drives over there — she wants to bring her family down; Elisa pours fuel everywhere and sets the place on fire. She was never a true Lazcano — she was always on Alex’s side. The family is slowly falling apart; Chema in prison, Mariana alone and Cesar technically a “dead man”. Elisa makes sure she does the job with conviction. She laughs as she sees the flames.

Confession in the flames

Alex rings Rodolfo and tells him about Elisa at the casino. Meanwhile, flashbacks show Sara hiding the “Abel” tape from the camcorder in the sculpture in her bedroom. In the present, Alex grabs Elisa and warns her that the building is collapsing with the flames. Marifer turns up and tells Alex and Elisa that she killed Sara; she looks at Elisa and explains that Mariana told Sara to get on the parachute before her pregnancy started to show. Alex calls her a bitch and that she was supposed to be Sara’s friend, but Marifer corrects him and says Sara was her sister, but she changed and started hating her. Elisa refocuses Alex, reminding him that the building is burning down.

Marifer chases after Alex as the building burns around them — she wants him to forgive her and that Sara would have wanted him to pick her. This angers Elisa, who pushes Marifer to the floor — she clearly knows she is Alex’s true partner. One of the burning ceilings falls on Marifer as she tells Elisa that she will kill her. We can assume that Marifer is dead (we wouldn’t be surprised if she weren’t). Alex lifts Elisa out to safety, but he’s now trapped in the flames; he uses what he learnt in prison to escape. Outside, Rodolfo laughs as his family business burns to the ground.

The ending 

The final scenes of Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 8 surprisingly gives the audience tidbits for a third season…

Alex now awaits his sentencing, but his partner Elisa tells him that he is innocent and will be okay. She also explains that Chema wants a reduced sentence and is arguing self-defence for the murder of Moncho. As for the murder of Abel Martinez, Alex tells Elisa there’s only one person that can help Chema with this, and he’s “dead”.

This brings us to Cesar, enjoying drinks and playing poker in a fancy mansion on a private island. He’s telling a woman that he’s lived many lives, but this is the one he likes the most — he says he has a son named Alex to who he owes a debt to.

The ending of Who Killed Sara? season 2 shows Nincandro looking through files — he looks at a photo, and on the back, it says, “Dr Alanis, Doctor in charge of Sara Guzman”. The man then looks at a photo of Sara, and it says at the back of it, “S.G – the first patient of the project”. He rings Dr Alanis and tells him he’s sent him the money, just like his father promised. He’s grateful that the doctor did not tell Alex the truth about Sara. He’s happy that Marifer is the culprit and wants Alex to believe she is the murderer. He makes it clear that no one can know the truth — neither the Lazcano family nor Alex.

Oh shit, this is never going to end, is it? And we can’t tell if that’s a good or bad thing!

What did you think of Who Killed Sara? season 2, episode 8, and the ending? Make sure you comment below!

Additional points
  • When Mariana returns home, she hears someone in her house, and she is soon frightened. Her mind is tormenting her as she sees the people she has wronged; Sara, Elroy, Clara — they tell her she’s alone. Mariana sobs and repeats, “I’m not alone”.

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