Ragnarok season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

May 27, 2021
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Ragnarok season 2, episode 6 recap - the ending explained


The dreaded Netflix cliffhanger once again sullies “All You Need Is Love”, a finale that doesn’t feel very much like the end of anything.

This recap of Ragnarok season 2, episode 6, “All You Need Is Love”, contains spoilers, as well as an open discussion of the Ragnarok Season 2 ending.

To be honest, it’s surprising that Ragnarok has waited this long to open an episode with a description of Mjolnir, the world’s most powerful weapon, the hammer that Thor used to defeat the giants and that supposedly always returns to his hand when he throws it. But that’s the subject of the second season finale, “All You Need Is Love”, or at least it is in the opening scenes as the heroes sit around and plan to break into Jutul Industries in order to find the Eternal Flame and forge the weapon. They already, according to Wotan, have a feather from the Volva and an arrowhead from the old world, so the only thing they’re missing now is… a dwarf? Yes, a dwarf, Wotan’s dark elf carer Halvor, who is forced to accompany them on the heist.

“All You Need Is Love” is something Laurits says to Magne when the latter pretends they need the key to hang a protest banner in the factory in order for him to impress Signy. Inside, Magne correctly deduces that the forge will be in a hidden basement, but down there they can’t hear Iman, who was left upstairs to keep an eye out, call that someone has arrived. That someone turns out to be Fjor, whom she has a fistfight with while the others craft Mjolnir. As established in the previous episode, Iman is a decent scrapper, but Fjor proves a bit much for her so Harry — that’s his name! — heads upstairs to help her out. Even together they’re a little outmatched, but it’s enough to cause enough of a distraction for Magne to escape with his very small new hammer.

After all that effort — Harry is hospitalized, Wotan is fitted with a tracking device, Iman and Halvor are facing being fired — Magne is devastated to discover that the hammer doesn’t work; he can’t throw it more than a few feet. But at least Halvor and Iman get a good send-off courtesy of Wotan and the residents, even if nobody makes much of a big deal out of Wotan suddenly standing up from his wheelchair.

A fair amount happens in a short space of time in “All You Need Is Love”. Magne discovers Laurits’s pet “tapeworm”, which we finally get a proper glimpse of, and Laurits is thrown for a loop when he catches Jens smooching another man and has to watch Iman kiss a now one-armed Harry. Turid gets a job at the Spar, while Fjor announces publicly that Jutul Industries might have to relocate to Asia rather than be slapped with the restrictions that the government is proposing. This is enough of an incentive for most of the proposed restrictions to be dropped, which makes Magne so furious that the lights flicker. Looks like his powers are back. Upstairs, Mjolnir begins to shake around on the floor, and Laurits figures out that Magne manipulated him into accessing the forge to create a giant-killing weapon. But at least the weapon works now, so it wasn’t all for nothing.

Magne immediately heads to the Jutul house to confront Fjor, where he arrives not long after we just saw Fjor and Ran beat the brakes off of Saxa for the crime of treason. He finds her bruised and bloodied, but she claims to have taken the punishment that was also due for Laurits, even though we see Ran and Fjor arrive to kill him all the same. Saxa and Magne have a bit of a tussle that gets weird when it turns into sexy time while Laurits is being strangled to death. Priorities, Magne!

Anyway, Laurits claims to have the only thing that can stop Magne from destroying them all, which buys him some time. Magne himself arrives just as Fjor and Ran are getting into the car to leave, and Magne throws Mjolnir straight through the vehicle, forcing them to flee, though it doesn’t seem like either is caught in the ensuing fireball. Magne begs for Laurits’s forgiveness as the younger brother cries a little tear of blood.

In the aftermath of all this, Laurits releases the world serpent into the wild, giving it a little parting smooch, which is weird. Ran and Fjor look on, watching him, as his eyes glow amber and blue, one for the gods and one for the giants. He has become as unique as he wanted to be, and he smiles as Ragnarok season 2, episode 6 ends.

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1 thought on “Ragnarok season 2, episode 6 recap – the ending explained

  • May 28, 2021 at 1:31 pm

    Definitely left me pondering a lot of questions, like what if there were a consequence for what happened between magne and saxa, and also how much wilder it is going to get, as suddenly there are so many things happening, both expected and not expected. Plus, I think saxa really liked magne before everything and even at times during the continual conflict. I mean he literally says, “I thought you wanted to kill me. And her words were only part of the time. And from what I have read in a few of the Nordic myths, he did end up with a giantess for a wife. Makes me curious of if they are going to hold true to that story. I mean it seemed kinda special for them both to me, I mean what with all the lightning “fireworks”, and then the trippy magic fog cloud thing amidst it.. gotta say am definitely enthralled, definitely eager for more, gonna chat about it for days with friends and family, and am gonna recommend the show to everyone that has even the slightest interest in Norse Mythology. Gotta say am definitely gonna have to find a way to own a personal hardcopy of the series.

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