Blue Miracle ending explained — what happened to the real Casa Hogar?

May 28, 2021
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ending of the Netflix film Blue Miracle

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Blue Miracle, so it will contain major spoilers.

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Director Julio Quintana’s drama Blue Miracle can only end in jubilation. The story of a retired fishing captain teaming up with teens to save their orphanage, the Netflix film leans into the clichés of its story, happy to exist in the hopes it’ll provide glimpses of inspiration. 

Starring Dennis Quaid as Captain Wade and Jimmy Gonzales as Omar, the head of the orphanage, the film follows the near-collapse of Casa Hogar, who entered the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament of 2014 trying to keep the bank from seizing the property. Based on a true story, the film sees Wade, Omar, and several Casa Hogar teens who’ve never fished before attempt the impossible: catching a near-400 pound marlin.

Netflix’s Blue Miracle — the ending explained

Blue Miracle finishes its short runtime in a flurry. As Omar decides to throw over their pre-bought fish due to his inability to cheat, the team loses faith. Casa Hogar will lose everything, and the boys will be back on the streets. Morales couldn’t be lower until the line starts to turn, signifying a marlin might have a chance of being caught. Omar hops in the chair and takes hold of the rod, flashing back to memories of his childhood, times of desperation with his father. Seemingly, he hasn’t been fishing since, and after much cajoling, Omar catches a 384-pound blue marlin with Wade’s help, winning the Bisbee and saving the orphanage. 

The real Casa Hogar team ended up receiving over $250,000 for winning the global tournament, with each and every cent going back into the shelter, which provides support for underprivileged and orphaned boys around Cabo San Lucas. They wouldn’t have participated in the competition, but an anonymous donor paid their entrance fee. In the film, Captain Wade decides to head to Texas to join his wife and son, though it remains unclear if they want him back in their lives. Omar continues to be a father figure to dozens of boys, and the orphanage expands, with shots of the real Casa Hogar shown through the credits sequence.

Unfortunately, the character of Wade was created to enhance the film, allowing for Quaid to come in and save the day. The real Papa Omar deserves more recognition at the end of the film as a man who both caught a massive fish, overcame miraculous circumstances, and rescued a place that gives more than it takes.

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1 thought on “Blue Miracle ending explained — what happened to the real Casa Hogar?

  • June 20, 2021 at 7:14 pm

    The details of how they went marlin fishing had me in a constant state of face-palm. First off you don’t throw the lure in a wait… you troll it behind the boat, quite swiftly. The reel was rigged wrong. It was too small and had nowhere near enough line. When the boys fall in the water you can see the fishing rod, nobody holding it with the line going straight down.

    Would a slight bit of accuracy and attention to detail hurt all that much?

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