Dancing Queens ending explained – did Dylan pursue her dreams?

By Daniel Hart
Published: June 3, 2021
ending of the Netflix film Dancing Queens

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Dancing Queens, so it will contain major spoilers.

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When Victor recognizes Dylan as a formidable dancer, he realizes that it’s unlikely that she will be accepted as a drag queen because she’s a woman. Dylan shares the same fear, so they both hide the fact that she’s a woman and pretends that she’s a man. Dylan impresses the drag group and becomes the star of the show, with whispers circulating that she will save the financially unstable club. But like all stories where a lie is implemented, it always unfolds, producing an extremely awkward moment.

Netflix’s Dancing Queens — the ending explained

What Dylan didn’t account for was her childhood friend attending a drag night. After a brilliant show, Sebbe walks into the back and congratulates Dylan for her performance. He then marks that he finds it unusual that the drag group allowed a woman to dance with them. Although it’s surprising they didn’t guess she wasn’t a man before this, the drag queens are in shock.

Tensions rise, and when Micke learns that Victor already knew Dylan was a woman, tempers flare — Micke is already jealous of Victor and Dylan’s close friendship. Amongst the chaos, Dylan quits and heads back home.

At home, Dylan reminisces over her deceased mother and processes what’s just happened — her dreams are in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Sebbe comes out of the closet to his parents, but they already knew.

Dylan’s dreams were not truly dead and buried — the drag club decides to visit Dylan and ask her to return — she’s made an impression regardless of the fact that she isn’t a man. When she returns, Dylan is unaware that the club has arranged for her to attend an important audition for a theatre show — Victor has put in a good word and wants her to be his partner — his other one fell ill.

Dylan performs an audition with Victor in front of the casting members, and her drag friends watch and cheer her on. In the ending of Dancing Queens, Dylan manages to go above and beyond her dreams — she’s performing for a dance show and dances at the drag club. The Netflix film teaches a valuable lesson — never give up on your dreams and nurture worthy relationships to help you attain them.

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