Locke and Key season 3 – do the Lockes defeat Captain Frederick Gideon?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 10, 2022
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This article, “Do The Lockes defeat Captain Frederick Gideon,” contains spoilers regarding Netflix’s Locke and Key season 3.

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Whilst Dodge was the OG villain in Locke and Key, the Lockes were able to finally able to bring an end to Dodge’s line of terror. And they ensured she was never able to come back (or did they?). So coming into the third season, the show was in need of a scary and horrifying villain to terrorize the Lockes. Obviously, there was no better fit than Captain Frederick Gideon. As for the Captain, he is dead set on opening up a portal that would destroy the world the Lockes live in (aka, meatworld). But is he able to destroy the meatworld, or can the Lockes find a way to defeat him?

Do the Lockes defeat Captain Frederick Gideon in Locke and Key season 3?

Captain Frederick Gideon enlists two dead soldiers, James Bolton and Samuel Coffey, to help with his goal. And when he learns that Dodge is back, he tries to force her into helping him. However, Dodge is very reluctant to help Gideon, so much so that she decides to help the Lockes. Not that she does any good; in the fifth episode, the sandbox runs, and it essentially deletes Dodge from that world.

For a while, it looks like the Lockes are screwed. But as Gideon is missing a key, he is unable to “end the world”. As time passes in Locke and Key season three, his henchmen, James and Samuel, prove to be useless as they do nothing to further his deadly agenda. As the end of the third season grows closer, the Captain kidnaps Ellie and tries to force her into handing him the key that’s buried within Goldie’s head. But once Goldie dies, thanks to Captain Gideon stabbing him, Gideon tries desperately to outsmart the Lockes. However, in the end, the Lockes proves to be unbeatable. When Gideon threatens to throw Kinsey into the vortal, the Lockes work together to push Captain Frederick Gideon into the vortal, finally ending his nightmarish reign of terror.

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