Story recap – what happened in Locke and Key season 3?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: August 10, 2022
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This is a story recap of Netflix’s Locke and Key season 3 and will contain spoilers as it details what happened.

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Whilst fans of Locke and Key may be disappointed to learn that the third season would be its last, at least they will be able to appreciate an actual ending, unlike several other shows that have been cancelled with no proper ending for their fans. But anyways, just how did it all end for the Locke family?

Story Recap – what happened in Netflix’s Locke and Key season 3?

Episode 1-2

After two sisters, Dorothy and Ada, trap Bode inside of a Snow Globe, Kinsey and Nina defeat the two sisters. Meanwhile, Tyler still hasn’t returned home. And as he still has no memories of the magic, it seems that he won’t be returning for Duncan’s upcoming wedding. However, in the end, Tyler does return for Duncan’s wedding. As does Captain Frederick Gideon, who is intent on creating a portal that will destroy the world he hates so much, aka Earth.

Bode uncovers a Timeshift Key whilst Tyler gets beaten up by two of Captain Gideon’s henchmen, James and Samuel. And that very attack makes Tyler decide to stay with the Lockes just a little while longer.

Episode 3-4

As Nina’s romance with Josh progresses, so does Bode’s bratty behaviour. After finding Eden’s body in the well, Kinsey and her friends chuck her body into the ocean. And whilst not remembering any of the magic (yet), Tyler starts to question Kinsey’s weird behaviour. By not listening to Nina and Duncan’s warning about the Timeshift Key, Bode ends up bringing Dodge into the present timeline. And as a result, Dodge traps Bode and takes over his body. 

Before long, Captain Frederick Gideon recruits Dodge and hopes that she’ll aid him in stealing all of the keys from the Lockes. Dodge causes a bit of a stir whilst using Bode’s body. So much so that Rufus correctly guesses that Dodge is using Bode’s body. Whilst Rufus is too afraid to reveal the truth, Nina finds Dodge’s body under Bode’s bed. Could this lead her to the truth? Yes, yes it could.

Episode 5-6

When the Lockes confront Dodge, she reveals that she is working against Captain Frederick Gideon. And surprisingly, she now wants to help the Lockes. But the Lockes need to keep Dodge safe so that Bode has a body to come back to. So they have no choice but to keep her on their side. But when the magic of the sandbox eliminates Dodge from the current world, the Lockes are left on their own to defend themselves against the Captain. 

Whilst a ghost, Bode reluctantly accepts help from Sam, his father’s killer, to help save his family. As a result, Gideon ends up kidnapping Ellie and forces her into helping him with his plan.

Episodes 7-8

The way for the Lockes to ultimately defeat Captain Gideon may come from one of Rendell’s old friends, Goldie, who unknowingly has a key in his head. But as Goldie has no memory of the magic, he initially has a hard time believing their claims. And when Goldie ends up trying to fight Gideon, Goldie ends up getting stabbed. To save themselves and the world, Tyler, Kinsey, Sam, and Ellie all go into Goldie’s head find the missing key. But as Goldie is dying, it doesn’t leave them with much time before they risk being trapped in Goldie’s head forever. 

Ultimately, after Captain Gideon follows them into Goldie’s head, Sam saves Tyler, Kinsey, and Ellie by fighting Captain Gideon and allowing them to steal the key. His efforts, however, seal a lifetime of being trapped in Goldie’s head as when Goldie dies, Sam is stuck under a piano and unable to escape. 

Ultimately, even though Captain Frederick Gideon tries to open the portal, the Lockes are able to push him into the portal. As a result, they defeat him once and for all. But once Tyler realises that when a key enters the portal, he questions whether the family should throw all of the keys into the portal and end the madness and tragedy that the magic keys bring. Whilst Bode is against the idea, after the family use one of the keys to reunite with Rendall one last time, he and the other members of the Locke family throw all of the keys in the portal. 

When Locke and Key concludes its run, the magic is seemingly gone. But in a world like the one that the Lockes live in, will the magic ever truly go?

That’s the full story recap of what happened in Netflix’s Locke and Key season 3. What are your thoughts on the story? Please comment below.  

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