Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 8 recap – the ending explained

June 4, 2021
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Episode 8 is a dark and wonderful ending to the first installment — it would be a crime if Netflix did not renew this series.

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Episode 8 is a dark and wonderful ending to the first installment — it would be a crime if Netflix did not renew this series.

This recap of Netflix’s Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 8, “Big Man,” — ending explained — contains spoilers. 

It was only fitting that the series ends explaining Big Man’s background, especially since he used to be one of the bad guys.

Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 8 begins with Big Man taking Louisa to the hospital — she’s heavily pregnant, and she’s about to have a baby. Despite being full, the soldiers let them into the maternity ward. When they reach the ward, Big Man is told that fathers cannot stay on the ward. Louisa tells him that it is okay. Big Man is worried about their baby being a hybrid, but Louisa tells her husband to be strong for her.

Lab-made hybrids change everything for Bear

In the present day, Big Man and Bear look for Gus after he fled in the last episode due to learning the truth. Bear wonders if Gus was the first hybrid baby, and she marks how she spent her entire life believing hybrids were produced in nature and formed an army around it. Big Man tells Bear to wait where she is in case Gus returns as he goes to find him.

Gus hears a radio signal nearby and heads towards a plane. He finds a leaflet about the Preserve. When he looks inside the plane, it’s had a lot of vegetation, but the radio signal is still finding interferences.

General Abbot brings an entire army to the Preserve

General Abbot goes full villain in episode 8, with Neil Sandilands bringing a worthy performance.

The Preserve is surrounded by the Last Men army — they even brought a tank, and the assault is led by General Abbot. Meanwhile, Wendy is going through the tunnels with other Hybrids to escape. The General radios to Aimee and tells her he will give her a chapter in the history books, and it’s up to her what it will detail. Aimee tells General Abbot to go away and explains that it is the children’s turn in this world. General Abbot believes the hybrids are a mutation. Aimee gives a speech and claims that nature doesn’t want humans to come back. Suddenly, Aimee lets off a set of fireworks outside the Preserve, which hurts a few soldiers. It’s also a big enough distraction so the Hybrids can find an escape.

General Abbot wants a cure so he can choose who lives and who dies

Wendy and other Hybrids hide at a church, but Last Men walk in and capture Bobby. Soon after, Wendy is caught as she tries to head back into the tunnels. At the Preserve, the Singhs are dropped off. Rani is placed in a room, and Aditya can see her — she can’t hear or see him. Aditya tells General Abbot that his wife is not contagious, but the General tells him that the virus can rapidly change — he tells Aditya he can have anything he needs. Aditya gets angry, saying he wants his wife and that he doesn’t need the motivation. General Abbot tells him he wants “the only cure” and that he knows Aditya was bluffing to save themselves — he tells him to make a cure so he can decide who lives and who dies.

The villain’s sinister nature really shines through in the finale of season 1.

Big Man’s baby was a Hybrid 

In the flashback, Louisa gives birth, and Big Man is worried that his little boy may not be human; he’s given access to see his son, who is in an incubator. When he sees his baby, he is a hybrid. He runs away and screams. As he makes it down in the elevator, Aditya Singh asks him what kind of baby he has. Big Man is unsure of himself. Aditya Singh reassures him.

Big Man does not want to lose Gus

Remember episode 1 and Big Man wanted nothing to do with Gus — we’ve come leaps and bounds since.

Big Man finds Gus near the plane and sits next to him — he gives him Dog. Gus believes he doesn’t have anyone and wishes he stayed in the woods. Big Man admits that he had a baby boy with Louisa, and he was a Hybrid like him, and that he wanted to run away — he admits he was scared of himself. Big Man explains that when he went back to the maternity ward, Louisa and his baby was gone, and he never saw them again. This is a character full of regret, especially for the people he has hurt and the bad decisions. Big Man tells Gus that looking after him was a “good decision,” and he doesn’t want to lose him.

Gus is captured

But Big Man spoke too soon, as episode 8 reveals this to be a more complicated world than it sells itself.

Gus reveals to Big Man that he called the Preserve, and they told him they are on their way — he used the radio. Suddenly, there’s a loud bang, and Big Man falls over as he was shot, and we presume he’s dead. Last Men drive over to them both and take Gus.

Gus is now at the Preserve, and he’s handed over to Aditya. Before the doctor does anything, he records himself stating what he’s about to do goes against everything he believes in, but he’s doing it for his wife. When he sees Gus, he’s taken back by how human Gus looks. He tells Johnny that he is superstitious as the Hybrid is a deer and thinks it is a sign — he wants another Hybrid and asks Johnny to bring him one.

Judy tells Bear not to give up on finding her sister

While a character-centric will be better in season 2 (we hope), Bear gives the viewers her background in episode 8.

Bear reveals to Judy that her parents died of the Sick, and her sister was a Hybrid and taken away. She explains she was alone for a long time and tried to find her sister. That’s when she met Tiger, who called her Bear, and that’s when the Animal Army formed. She then reveals her real name, Rebecca Walker (or Becky). Judy tells Bear not to give up on her sister.

The ending 

The Sweet Tooth season 1 ending shows how lost our characters are — ironically, at the start of the series, they were probably less lost than they are now.

Big Man is picked up and placed in the back of a truck. Big Man’s eyes open — he’s alive — Aimee has saved him, and she tells him they will save their children. Aditya Singh begins his first experiment on a Hybrid. As for Bear, she’s testing out a radio that suddenly works. She looks inside her necklace locket, and there’s a photo of her and her sister — it’s revealed that her sister is Wendy (Pigtail).

Gus is placed in a cage, and Bobby throws him a ball — soon loads of Hybrids gather, including Wendy — he’s no longer alone. Wendy hugs him, and the rest follow to make a group hug — the narrator talks about family, and Gus has a smile on his face.

The episode ends in Alaska — a phone is going off, and Birdie answers it — Bear is on the other end.

We have to wonder if this will be a lighter version of Planet of the Apes, where the Hybrids find strength in community and togetherness and have no option but to separate from the humans? It’s abundantly obvious that the story is taking its time — Netflix wants this series for the long haul. Sweet Tooth season 1, episode 8 is a dark and wonderful ending to the first installment — it would be a crime if Netflix did not renew this series.

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