Xtreme ending explained – is revenge gained?

By Jordan Lyon
Published: June 4, 2021
ending of the Netflix film Xtreme

This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Xtreme, so it will contain major spoilers.

Xtreme is essentially a story of revenge between two stepbrothers, one of whom is extremely jealous. Maximo (played by Teo García) has a happy family life with his son and father. In Lucero’s (played by Óscar Jaenada) eyes, this is too much for him to handle. To take over the family business, he kills his father and leaves his sister, Maria, to fend for herself. Not long after, Lucero’s thug, Finito, ambushes Maximo and ruthlessly murders his young son.

What follows is an intense battle of revenge as Lucero grows more powerful and deadly. Having remained in hiding for two years, Maximo and Maria work out a plan to lure Lucero to them, hoping to finally gain revenge for the deaths of their loved ones.

What complicates matters for them is the arrival of the teenage drug dealer, Leo. Despite being a drug dealer, Leo is a nice guy and only wants money to help his family. These efforts prove to be in vain, however, as Finito murders his family. Leo is only able to escape with his life when Maximo comes to his rescue.

Seeking revenge, Leo goes after Finito. But again, these efforts are in vain as Finito gains the upper hand on Leo. Leo is only saved when Maria runs Finito over. Leo is still seriously hurt and remains in hospital for the majority of the rest of the film.

In Barcelona, Maximo now meets Lucero face to face. After a brutal battle that’s been building up for the last two years, Maximo can gain the revenge he has desperately wanted.

Maximo gains vengeance for his son’s murder by overpowering Finito, punching him in the chest, and leaving him to die beside a bar. Lucero doesn’t go without a fight. He attempts to burn Maria to death, but with Maximo and Maria both going against him, he is no match for them. Head or heart is a key question asked throughout the film, and in a fitting sense of justice, Lucero gets stabbed both in the head and heart.

The closing moments of Xtreme show Maximo, Maria, and Leo, in their family-like relationship, driving away from the troubles of their past. The ending of Netflix’s Xtreme shows that after time, all those that deserve it will, in fact, get it. Due to his jealous feelings towards Maximo, Lucero ended up losing everything, even his own life. Meanwhile, the other three, Maximo, Maria, and Leo, are on their way to a new beginning.

A fitting end where there shouldn’t have been any other ending than Lucero getting what he truly deserves.

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