Xtreme review – exciting revenge thriller

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 4, 2021
Netflix film Xtreme


Well acted and with plenty of action to keep audiences entertained, Xtreme is fun although predictable.

This review of the Netflix film Xtreme contains no spoilers – the Spanish revenge thriller was released on the streaming service on June 4, 2021. 

If audiences are looking for a film with incredible action scenes with lots of fighting throughout, Xtreme is that film. 

The main story of this film is nothing original. Xtreme follows the bitter fallout between stepbrothers Maximo (Teo García) and Lucero (Óscar Jaenada ). After Lucero grows bitter over his father’s favored treatment of Maximo, Lucero murders his father and takes over the family business. Lucero takes it just too far by ambushing Maximo and having his son murdered in front of him. After which, Maximo and sister Mario (Andrea Duro) both go into hiding for two years before they start to look for revenge on Lucero.

Revenge stories have been told in many ways over the years, for example, Kill Bill (2003) and John Wick (2014), and whilst Netflix’s Xtreme may not be as great as those films are, it still stands on its own two feet. For sure, the action sequences are the main selling point of this film. They’re insane, well made, and eye-dropping. Yet Xtreme doesn’t go too far with the violence, which may be a relief for audience members who dislike too much gore. 

Xtreme is essentially a revenge film between two brothers, one is insanely dangerous whilst the other wants payback. If you enjoy an action-packed film, which doesn’t go too in-depth with its story, then the audience will be delighted with Xtreme.

The director of the film is Daniel Benmayor, who people may remember from Traces (2015). That should give a sense of what the film will entail — the only difference is that Xtreme is not as tame. The only fault within the film is that minor background characters such as Papa San aren’t as explored as they could have been.

Overall, Xtreme is a fun watch, in particular due to the brilliant actors in the roles. It’s a film that won’t require a deep thought process to enjoy. The ending is what one would expect from a revenge-based film, yet it can still be thoroughly enjoyed.

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